♥ A Heartfelt Thank you ♥

For your generous donation to Protect Your Heart

Protect Your Heart ♥

Protect Your Heart was an event that you helped to be a Force For Good. It is an on-going benefit for young women in foster care. Often they come from battered homes and have gone through what most normal teenage girls should not. These girls will soon 'phase out' of foster care and have to head out into the world on their own, most not knowing what that means to them. You became a small part of their story by letting them know you care, your donation, no matter how great or small made a difference in these girls lives. They were beyond touched to receive this small gift from all of us...you...♥ you have no idea how much your small gift changed their hearts that night.

Thank you♥Thank you♥Thank you♥

I want to thank each and every one of you for helping to make a difference. This could not have been possible without your help. I was often in tears as a package would come in, knowing a girl would soon own something that belonged to only them. They had an opportunity to start their own story, we gave them a way to do it.

I want to thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for picking, packaging and sending each of your donations my way. I know this was no ordinary request and yet, you took the time to do it and I couldn't express my thanks any greater to you.

The best I could do was put together a video that aired while each girl received their locket that night, it shows each of you that sent in a picture, the amazing group that we are, banded together for a cause. You are truly amazing and I thank you.

Protect Your Heart 2014 O2 Designers Give Back

To Learn More About Eve's Crown & Protect Your Heart♥

If you'd like to learn more about Eve's Crown Magazine & Protect Your Heart, please visit their website at www.EvesCrown.com or contact me. I can help with other organizations if you are interested in supporting foster care, homeless children or school programs.

Lesa & Taylor Miller

We graciously thank you for Being a Force for Good with us!