A Christmas Carol

God Bless Us....Everyone!

Play v.s Book

The Christmas Carol a book and a comic book, but there is also the play which is entertaining, accurate, and amusing. The actors, the props, everything they use could testify how entertaining the play is. Even more reason for you to see it. Now, the play is very accurate and well rehearsed, but there are some things that the director of this specific play added to make it funny, long, and interesting. You wouldn't want to watch a boring old play without excitement. Talking about being funny, the play is the definition of funny. The way the characters act and even their make up makes the whole play stay alive. Finally, my last thought is that the play, Christmas Carol is amazing and once you have watched it you would see it over and iver again. I have and you should too.



Scrooge made a lot of sacrifices when he was younger. For instance he sacrificed the love of his life for money. He never saw his parents and sister because of money. Scrooge didn't make a lot of good sacrifices. Some sacrifices I've had to make is, sometimes I have to sacrifice my time to play with my little sister or cancel something I had to do and do something with her. Another example is the fact that Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross for every single one of us so we could get a second chance.