Jacky Abernathy III period 7/8


Working conditions

Most nurse are full-time which means they work 40 or more hours and also on-call as well. they work all year round for the most part even on holidays. Some RNs work part-time meaning 39 hrs or less plus work on-call as well. They make an annually pay of $64,690 and an hourly pay of $31.10 per hour.


  • Registered nurses provide patient care, they educate patients and the public on health conditions.
  • They also provide advice and emotional support to the patient and their families.
  • The nurses most be a people person with an optimistic tone.

Education needed

  • The education needed is a minor associates degree which is a two year college on the subject.
  • The jobs outlook is increasing by a whole 26% percent faster than usual.
  • A common school to go to so that you can get the training in a short time are community colleges such as the one I will go too Triton.

Skills and advancement oppurtunities

  • There are a lot of skills that are needed in nursing career such as Critical thinking skills, compassion, emotionally stabilized, etc....
  • Their are no real advancements other than becoming qualified to be many different types of nurse which will qualify you for a better job or pay in a different field.