Visual Art Teacher

Career Description

Art teachers help people learn about the important concepts and history of art and provide opportunities for students to create their own art. Art teachers work in school and community settings. Art instruction is included in the curriculum at many U.S. elementary and secondary schools. Art instruction is also available through colleges, universities and adult or community education programs. Art teachers supervise and assist students, grade artwork, encourage creativity and teach techniques in a variety of mediums.

Skills Needed

  • Knowledge of art history and a variety of art mediums
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with others
  • Ability to communicate concrete and abstract concepts to students
  • Ability to spot and cultivate creativity
  • Strong enthusiasm for art and enjoy teaching young people


Yearly Salary: $27,366 - $64,293

(Depending on where you teach)

Average Yearly Salary: $46,999

Specific Training / Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Art Education (4-year college degree) or Bachelor of Fine Art in Art Education (5-year college degree)
  • K-12 Teacher License or Certificate

Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) offers a strong Art Education program!