Charlie Jordan

October 11, 2013

Period 6


What Does The Cell Wall Do

  • If you are strong and tough than this is the job for you.
  • The cell wall is the strongest organelle of ALL.
  • A cell wall keeps all of the cell in line... LITERALLY!
  • If you get hired for this job you would only work for a plant cell.
  • This would help because you wouldn't even have to work full time!
  • You would get to be a body guard because you get to protect the cell membrane and everything in the cell also
  • You would even get to hold up the whole entire plant, because you replace the skeletal system!
  • If you want to be the muscle of the cell, this job fits you perfectly.


  • You will be paid in cytoplasm.
  • The cytoplasm will let you relax more by letting you stay more steady while you are inside the cell.
  • You will be paid 6.5 cytoplasm an hour and always will. (unless something goes wrong.)

Qualification needed

  • To be hired for this job you would only need to be strong, and healthy enough to protect other things.
  • You need to be a body builder to apply and have to have been doing that for at least 5 years.
  • This job is very serious, so don't take it as a joke.
  • But most important, you Have to get a long with all of the other organelles during work hours so that nothing gets out of hand and starts distracting the plant.
  • I hope you become our new Cell Wall, so good luck.


  • If you make it into this job, you will have so many benefits.
  • This job teaches you to try, to never give up, and even teaches you responsibility.
  • If you get into this job, you will gain much experience for many other jobs and hobbies, while also exercising and getting stronger!

Contact Information

  • To contact us by phone, you can call 214-cell-wall
  • To contact us by e-mail, you can e-mail us at
  • To contact us through person, please make an appointment and come to 735 plant cell Dr.