Friday Review

Friday, March 31, 2017

This Week

Monday, April 3- Grade Verification Forms due to L. Gibson by 8:00am; Peer Buddy Club meets with Ms. Laws during Spartan Time; Administrative PLC 9:00 am; CTE PLC 12:00pm; Battle of the Books Regional Competition; March mentor logs are due to Mrs. Hargrave on or before April 3;Baseball at Home vs. Anson [Admissions- S. Parnell & C. Macy; Concessions- J. Quick & C. Snell; Monitors- M. Williams & T. Williams; Administration- Brayboy]

Tuesday, April 4- PBIS 3rd Nine Weeks Incentive Event; 7th Grade House Meeting; Elective Team Meeting 1:00; Soccer at Ellerbe; Faculty Meeting at 3:45pm (7th Grade providing refreshments); Zaxby's Fundraiser Night to benefit cheerleading competition 5:00-8:00 pm; Soccer @ Ellerbe.

Wednesday, April 5- Report Cards Go Home; P.I.N.K. meets during Spartan Time; Peer Buddy Club meets with Ms. Laws during Spartan Time; ELA Double Planning Data Dives and EOY Reviews

Thursday, April 6- Math Double Planning Data Dives and EOY Reviews; Soccer at Home vs. West Hoke [Admissions- L. Ellis & D. Mears; Concessions- D. Motz; Monitor- D. Knuass & X. McRae; Administration- Dunham]

Friday, April 7- Clubs; Peer Buddy Club meets with Ms. Laws during Spartan Time; 8th Grade Cooking Club Students Visit the Bagpiper 8:30-11:00am; 6th & 8th Grade House Meetings; 8th Grade Band Trip to Williamsburg, VA

Saturday, April 8- Robotics Club Showcase at Sycamore Lane. Go Mr. Williams!!! M.O.V.E participates in Clean Sweep of Grounds and Airbase Road! Thank you Mr. Gallagher for organizing this!

Looking Ahead

Monday, April 10- Administrative PLC 9:00 am; CTE PLC 12:00pm; High School Registration Meetings; MTSS Committee Meeting at 3:45pm

Tuesday, April 11- Youth Risk Behavior Survey during 2nd Block; 7th Grade House Meeting; The Friendly Dental Van; Elective Team Meeting 1:00; Aspiring Leaders Meeting at Central Office at 3:30pm; Rising 6th Grade Parent Meeting 6:00pm;

Wednesday, April 12- Wacky Wednesday; Principal Leadership at Central Office; P.I.N.K. meets during Spartan Time; ELA/SS Content Level Planning; Business due to M. Locklear for next SIT meeting; Baseball vs. Carver at SHS

Thursday, April 13- Math/Science Content Level Planning; Assistant Principal Leadership at Central Office; Talent Show (afternoon assembly); Baseball/Softball at Home vs. Ellerbe [Administration- Brayboy]

Friday, April 14- Good Friday- No School

What's New?

  • The deadline for voting for "Of the Year" personnel has been extended until after the Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, April 4. PLEASE VOTE for your peers. Only 20 people have voted.

  • 8th Grade Science tutoring forms will be sent home on Monday, April 3. Tutoring for 8th grade Science will be held on Wednesdays and will begin on Wednesday, April 5.

  • There will be a Zaxby's fundraiser night on Tuesday, April 4 from 5:00-8:00pm to benefit the Cheerleading competition.

  • The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is recruiting highly qualified teachers and instructional coaches who are interested in participating in the North Carolina End-of-Grade, End-of-Course, NC Final Exam and alternate assessment test development process. If you are interested in being considered to participate in this process, please see Shannon Brayboy by Friday, April 7.

  • YouTube workaround instructions for teachers can be viewed here: This will allow teachers to download and save the videos to their machine/drive and share with their students via Canvas or hyperlink. This is also a means for videos to be saved for offline viewing on the Chromebooks for instances where internet connectivity may be limited or nonexistent.

  • April 1st is the deadline that employees can request a transfer.

  • BT mentor logs need to be turned in on or before April 3, 2017 to Lolita Hargrave. Mentors can fax the mentor logs to Lolita at the AB Gibson Building, but will need to put the original mentor log in the courier (with signatures from the mentee, administrator and mentor). If you have questions, contact Mrs. Hargrave at 910-277-4459 ext. 373 or at 910-855-9020.

  • Peer Buddy Club members need to meet in Ms. Laws' Room 207 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning during Spartan Time to prepare for Autism Night at North Laurinburg School on April 11.

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Honors Band

Frank Ladd and Ethan Phillippi were selected to attend the 39th annual UNCP honors band on Saturday, March 18th. They participated with students all across NC and SC and performed a concert at 7:00 in the Givens Performing Arts Center.

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Ms. Francis is Rocking out Math in 6th Grade!

Ms. Francis rose in benchmark scores from 49% in BM #2 to over 61% in BM #3. She facilitates higher order lesson plans and shares collaborative activities. Despite working with some difficult students on her 6th grade team, she has had no major discipline referrals this school year! She is proof that quality instruction will minimize disruptions. Ms. Francis was asked why does she think her students have been so successful this year and her response was, " I simply believe that all of my students can learn and can be successful. When they fail and are unsuccessful, I fail." I encourage each of you to visit Ms. Francis classroom and you will see how committed she and her students are to each other. She is our March teacher feature for excellence in the classroom.

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