Paloma Picasso

Lance Stewart

Fast facts

  • Paloma Picassos was born inParis France on April 19th 1949.
  • Her father Pablo Picasso was born in Magala Spain on October 25th 1881, he also became one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century.
  • Her mother was Francoise Gilot whom was born November 26th 1921.
  • Mrs.Gilot was a french painter
  • Paloma Picasso has signature color.
  • And the color is red

Highlights of Paloma Picassos life

  • started her career in 1968 making rhinestone necklaces.
  • many of her designs attracted many critics.
  • started formal jewelry school one year later
  • By 1971 Paloma was working for the Greek jewelry company Zolotas
  • In 1980 Paloma began jewelry for Tiffany&Co.
  • In 1984 she began experimenting with fragrance creating ''Paloma'' perfume.
''I've always been proud my name stands for peace.''