Race relations

jaime moreno

Slavery in America

slavery began in America when the European merchants began the triangular trade. The slaves were transported by slave ships, slave ships were ships that took the slaves in chains from Africa to America. Slaves were needed in America because of the high industry for cotton. Their were more slaves in the southern part of the country because their was more plantations and cotton farms. But when the cotton gin was invented it made the demand for slave labor much higher because more cotton was demanded .

Slaves were never treated very well, in fact they often only had one or two meals a day. They also only got about 5 to 7 hours of sleep a night. Slaves were allowed to have children, often because the children would be profitable for the slave owner. Slaves were often punished with whips or paddles which they would be whipped or beaten with. They were treated as property to the slave owners, like if they ran away and someone like police officer found them they would be returned to their "owner". Often if a slave was caught running away they could expect a very brutal and savage beating from their "master". They could also expect some punishment done to their feet for "running' away.

Slavery ended in America in 1865 in the United States (13th amendment). What lead to the end of slavery was the war, abolitionist, the Emancipation Proclamation ,the Union and many more. Also Abraham Lincoln and abolitionists thought slavery was wrong and that every man is created equal. It also probably helped that Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist against slavery.

Slavery even in its prime was still wrong by some people like abolitionists and many other non political figures. Such as average people, many thought slavery was wrong. But also many thought it was just a good thing of industry, get work done faster. Also people didn't mind not having to pay their workers.

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plan to improve race relations

My plan to improve race relations is to write a magazine about race relations. It will go over several race relation problems in America today. There will be a mail address to send in questions to, which nick cannon will answer (because nick cannon is hilarious). There will also be crosswords and puzzles with will resolve in a race relation answer to one of the sharers questions. Also their will be a page with only race relations problems and several ways to solve the several different problems. Then at the beginning of every issue of the magazine their will be two different raced kids shaking each others hands. There will also be examples of racist acts by people in the middle of the magazine and what people can do to stop the racist acts. The magazine will also have several celebrities opinions on race relations. I will get the word out abut the magazine by posting pages about it on several social media websites. I will also have fliers about the magazine coming out and why you should read about race relations. The aim of the magazine will be to inform young readers that colored people aren't inferior no matter what you influence growing up. The magazine will also be sponsored by several sportswear companies to attract all sorts of children. That is my plan to improve race relations.
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