Oregon Trail

A trail that starts in Missouri


I want you to come on the trail but be cautious of the risks like disease, rivers, infection, accidents, swift water, animal panic, and swollen rivers.


The Oregon trail is 2,200 miles long and is apart of westward expansion. It starts in Independence Missouri. From 1811-1840 the Oregon trail was laid down by traders and fur trappers. And it can only be Traveled on horseback or foot.

What to bring

usually one or two small, farm wagons, 10 head of oxen, a milk cow . And all the necessary food, clothing. furniture, stoves, pianos. If heavy things were packed in the wagons, they usually ended up left along trail side along the way.

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I know there are risks that I have to take on the trail


More Facts

The many offshoots of the trail and the main trail were used by an estimated 350,000 settlers from the 1830's through 1869.