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What's New @ Diamond View- Special Edition

Learning@Home- We got this!

Dear Students and Guardians,

The decision was made to not return to the school building for the 2019-20 school year, but school is not over. We will begin distance learning after our already scheduled Spring Break on April 14th.

The goal of our Learning@Home program will be to deliver to our students the very best education that we can through distance learning while being compassionate and understanding of the stress and pressure you are going through at home.

Teachers will assign classwork through Google Classroom, and those who do not have access to the internet or to a device for this material will be provided a packet targeting the same standards. Your teacher’s Google Classroom links are included in this newsletter, so please log into your Google Classroom and check that you have been added to the correct classrooms. Doing this will help your teacher know that you are ready for class on April 14th. If you do not have access to the internet or a device that you can use at home, please call the school (530) 257-5144 or email your child’s teacher and let us know. This will help us come up with the best plan to educate your child.

We are also committed to doing our best to continue special services. Students who are on individualized learning plans (IEPs) will see a prior written notice attached to this newsletter outlining parent rights and our commitment to special education. Students on 504s will continue to receive their agreed-upon accommodations through their teachers. Counseling services with Mrs. Solomon will continue, Mrs. Dunlavy will be supporting our EL students, Ms. Young will be available for Title VI students, and our speech teacher will be doing teleconferencing with her caseload. For all students, the teachers have committed to check in with you at least once a week, and all teachers will have office hours twice a week to be there to support you if you have questions.

Distance learning is not optional. Students are expected to log into their Google Classrooms multiple times weekly and /or pick up and drop off their packets weekly. If a child cannot get to Diamond View to pick up their packet, arrangements can be made to have them available at McKinley or Meadow View School. Please just communicate that need to us. Assignments will have extended time for flexibility, however, there will be expected final due dates. Student work will be graded to provide feedback. Grades will continue to be posted on SchoolWise, however, these grades will not be punitive. That means that we will continue with our high standards of achievement and progress, but if a child struggles with this style of learning or if they were to become ill, their overall GPA will not drop. We will revert to the first two trimesters for an overall GPA for eligibility and graduation requirements. If students had a lower GPA than they were striving to finish this year, they could improve their overall GPA with this trimester’s grades.

The recommended pace and time limits for each class is 3 hours/week. So please plan on average 15 hours a week to dedicate to your studies. This includes Mrs. Beyer’s PE program and her encouraging you to get some exercise. If your work is taking significantly longer, make sure to let the teacher know. Our schoolwide Google Classroom will also continue to be available with extra resources if you want enrichment activities, or you don’t feel you are being challenged enough.

I want you to remember I am here to help if you have questions, please reach out to your teachers first, but you are also welcome to call me at 257-5144 or email dheimbigner@susanvillesd.org. I hope to join in some of your class sessions and see you on Zoom or talk with you as you pick up and drop off your packets.

Take care,

Mrs. Heimbigner

8th Graders

8th graders, we know that there are so many questions. The truth is we don't have answers for you just yet. We are taking the end of your time at DV very seriously. We want you to be honored for your hard work and we will continue to meet as a team to decide the best way to make that special for you. Please give us some time for planning and discussions. We will have answers for you hopefully sooner than later.

Parents- If you have paid your deposit for the 8th-grade trip, we will begin the process of refunding that money to you when we return from Spring Break.

PINS? You Bet!

We will definitely be awarding our PINS at the end of the trimester. The categories and awards may look a little different, however, if you continue to work hard you can expect to earn some DV Pins for your lanyard at the end of this trimester. It may come in the mail, so you will have to have your parents have a little awards ceremony for you in your living room.

Parents let us know if you need a few detention or demerit slips for home. (Kidding :)

Tech Support

If you are experiencing any technical issues that hinder participation in Distance Learning, please contact our technician. Technology support will be provided by Mr. Zavala. Mr. Zavala will be available between the hours of 7:30- 3:30 at dzavala@susanvillesd.org. Please leave a phone number in your email so that he can call you back. Or you can give him a call at 530-257-5144 x 4134. If he is not available, he will call you back as soon as possible.

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School Nurse- Wellness Checks with Mrs. Galindo

The school nurse, Mrs. Galindo is available for a student/family wellness chat and to answer questions. Feel free to contact Mrs. Galindo (jgalindo@susanvillesd.org) at any time via email. Students and parents may also reach out and give Mrs. Galindo a call at 530-257-5144 x 4103. Please include a phone number in your email so she can call you back if she misses your call. We might have all the answers, but we will try to help you find support.

Mrs. Solomon's Counseling Service

Mrs. Solomon will be available for counseling services on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Please reach out to her if you need someone to talk to. Her email is jsolomon@susanvillesd.org and her phone number is 530-257-5144 x 4117.
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Mrs. Ormachea will keep cooking for you!

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If you would still like a yearbook, call 257-5144 and talk with Mrs. Loiler. She will fill out an order form with you over the phone and you can drop off a check between 11:30- 12:30 or mail one in.
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Students- Here is how to check your school email and log into your Google Classrooms

How to log in to your Google Classroom
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