Issues Facing GT Learners

By: Marie Sork

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3 big ideas I learned from the article, 5 myths about gifted and talented students

1. Gifted students are not gifted in every subject. In 1991, a study revealed that between 18 to 25 percent of gifted and talented learners, most often from poor families, drop of out school due to being unchallenged, bored, frustrated or a developed bad study habits.

2.All children have special gifts, but in an education sense, most do not have the ability to learn and apply what they know at a level far above their years.

3.Some gifted learners have various disabilities, including a learning disability. A learning disability can hide a gifted ability in a learner.

2 Questions I still have

1. What are the best type of resources should a classroom teacher use to benefit the gifted learner?

2. How much independent work and group work should the gifted learner have?

1 Action that can be taken immediately

Treating all learners with encouragement and love. All learners social and emotional needs should be equal. Many think a gifted learner is more emotionally mature than they are and that is false.