University of Pittsburgh

Choosing a school, knowing the history and picking a major are all components to succeding in college.


History of the University


The University of Pittsburgh was founded by Hugh Henry Brackenridge in 1787. It was one of the few universities established in the 18th century in the United States. In the Great Fire of 1845 most of the buildings and records got destroyed along with 20 square blocks of Pittsburgh. It was originally called the Western University of Pennsylvania, but later got changed to the University of Pittsburgh in the summer of 1908. In the fall of 1909 the school adopted the panther as their mascot; they were one of the first schools to do this.

Plans for this major

There are many jobs that can be attained after college that have to deal with Psychology. An undergraduate degree will not give you as many options as a bachelors degree or masters degree would, but there are still options. One of the first options is to do Case Management. Their job is to meet an individual's or family's comprehensive needs through communication to ensure the best possible outcome. Important qualities to work a job in Psychology is the ability to express empathy and care, you must also be able to meet the client's needs to the best of your ability. With all of the skills you have learned in college another job option could be a probation officer. With writing skills and research abilities this job would work perfectly right out of college.

What sort of classes can you expect with this major?

To declare the Psychology major students must complete the PSY 0010 test and the required statistics course must be passed with a C or better. They also need to be enrolled in PSY 0035. In order to major in Psychology a student has to have 34 to 35 credits in Psychology. Four credits are required in statistics and nine to ten credits are needed in co-requirement classes. Co-requirement classes include one of the following, mathematics, biological science and social studies. In addition to those five core classes two 1000 level courses are expected as well. In order to graduate you must pass with a GPA of 2.0 or higher and pass the class with at least a C.

What kind of internships can you take on?

Experimental Learning is offered at the University of Pittsburgh. This program takes place outside of the classroom. It consists of research with faculty, internships or service learning. Declared Psychology majors that are enrolled in the Supervised Field Placement, or PSY 1900, can earn credit by volunteering in a supervised setting. The work that is performed by the students is approved by the Department of Psychology.


What are the requirements to get into this school?

There is no average GPA that the students have to obtain, but administration looks for students that are within the top 10% of their class. When applying to the University of Pittsburgh the admissions committee looks at the whole picture. SAT's are just one of the primary factors, the students curriculum and classroom achievements represent the other primary factors in the review process.

What activities and programs are offered at this school?

At the University of Pittsburgh there are over 350 student clubs and organizations. The clubs range in size and cover a manner of different interest. One of the clubs offered at the University is Pitt Pathfinders. This club is filled with student recruiters that are employed by the Office of Admissions. Their job is to recruit prospective students by giving them campus tours and attending on and off campus recruitment programs. The students can also reach out by contacting the prospective student through the phone and the internet. Many other options are available and apply to your chosen major or career path.

Where is this school located? What is the school motto?

This school is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The school's motto is Veritas et Virtus. This is Latin for Truth and Virtue.