Nuclear plant in Ames

By Adam Texeira

What is the good things of having a Nuclear power plant in Ames?

  • Lower carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in power generation.
  • Low operating costs relatively.
  • Large power-generating capacity able to meet industrial and city needs as opposed to low-power technologies like solar that might meet only local, residential, or office needs but cannot generate power for heavy manufacturing.
  • Existing and future nuclear waste can be reduced through waste recycling and reprocessing.

What is the bad things of having a Nuclear power plant in Ames?

  • High construction costs due to complex radiation containment systems and procedures.
  • High subsidies needed for construction and operation, as well as loan guarantees.
  • Subsidies and investment could be spent on other solutions such as renewable energy systems.
  • High-known risks in an accident.
  • Unknown risks.
  • Long construction time.
  • Target for terrorism as are all centralized power generation sources.
  • Waivers are required to limit liability of companies in the event of an accident.

My thoughts about plant in Ames

I think its not a good idea because of the plant cost alot and it might harm a lot of people.