Day 1

Let the good times begin!

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Introducing....The Norwex EnviroCloth and Window Cloth

Otherwise known as the dynamic duo that literally cleans 90% of your home...and replaces 90% of your cleaners!
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These two very affordable cloths are what sold me on Norwex!

We were moving, and had a SERIOUS window streaking issue in 3 rooms of windows...all visible from the front door. I tried EVERYTHING I could order guaranteed to not streak. NONE of them worked. It was so bad, people wouldn't buy the house. (Think lots of

A friend kept telling me about these "cloths", and I kept blowing her off. #totaldisbeliever. One day she showed up at my house with the cloths, and told me to just watch.

In seconds, a whole window transformed before my eyes to crystal clear, and I was SOLD!

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Got Rid Of How Many Cleaners??

We were showing our house lots, so everything smelled like glass cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, all purpose cleaner, granite cleaner, floor cleaner...and it was intense...and toxic! I eliminated ALL of those cleaners (and their expense) with just the Norwex EnviroCloth and Window Cloth!

And it DRASTICALLY cut my cleaning time. I could get ready for a showing in half the time! (Except for the one time, when my vacuum cleaner died right before a showing, but we won't get into that. :)

Seeing is Believing!

Here's me showing the famous Norwex Butter Test in 1 minute...

Featuring Teddy, my Ragdoll Cat, in a guest appearance. :)

Butter Test!
Here's a Norwex video showing glass cleaner and paper towels vs Norwex EnviroCloth on butter...
Norwex Butter Demonstration

The FAMOUS Raw Chicken Test...ZERO Cross Contamination that leaves people astonished everytime!

Ok, so it cleans....but what about bacteria? you ask. I'm so glad you asked!

Watch this short video below that always stuns people.

Norwex RAW Chicken Test - Microfiber will not cross contaminate!

Woah!!! That Was a Crazy Video!!

This video showed you that the cloth totally absorbed the raw chicken bacteria within it in seconds, leaving it safe to continue to use!! Astounding, and due to the star shaped weave of our fiber, and the incredible amount of's thirsty, and takes what it wipes up inside of itself.
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So, What Else Does Norwex Have To Make My Life Easier and Cleaner, You Ask?

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See it in action

This quick 2 1/2 minute video tells you all you need to know.

I dust WAY less often now, because our fibers are shaped like a star, which means they pick up the dust and trap it within the Mitt, where typical dusters are shaped like a loop, swooshing the dust from side to side and launching much of it into the air.

The Dusting Mitt is AMAZING on your blinds and screens too!

One more duster, and last item of the day...

The Envirowand!

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow's Products!

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