The American Revolution


The Frenh and Indian War and what Followed.

War! From 1754-1763 the French and Indian war began this war was a costly set of battles between France and their Indian allies and Britain.

What Followed? After the war was over Britain was in debt for all the supplies they had bought. To prevent more costy wars creating debt the Proclamation Line of 1763, a line spaning across the Appalacian mountains, prevented colonist from going into indian territory and stirring up trouble. Colonists didnt like this.

Taxation Without Representation!?

The Navigation Acts:The Navigation Acts was an idea to put mercantilism into use at the colonies. Mercantilism was a practice where the colonists produced a raw product that they shipped back to England, and the English turned the raw product into a finished product.

Stamp Act:The first real tax in the colonies. In 1765the stamp act was passed it was a law saying that any paper item must be taxed this included newspaper, playing cards, and many other paper goods.

The Townshend Act: The Townshend Act was a tax on imported tea, glass and paper. This tax was to pay for militarry personel because of rising protest in the colonies.

The Quartering Act of 1765

The Quartering Act: The Quartering Act was a law stating that colonists must give shelter, food and alcohol to all British soldiers whenever they wanted it. Colonists did not like having an army of soldiers staying in their house whenever they wanted, this army was also very expensive.

Writs of Assistance: The Writs of Assistance was a search warrant that soldiers could fill out whenever they wanted, as a way to get into people’s houses. It was basically a blank search warrant.

The Tea Act

The Tea Act: The Tea Act was a law that made it so that only the East India Company was the only company allowed to sell tea to the colonies. The colonists responded by throwing one million dollars worth of tea into the boston harbor this was called the boston tea act.

The Boston Massacre

In 1770, British soldiers shot and killed a small group of colonists. This caused and uproar In boston and lots of protests began.
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