Multi-Specialty Walk-In Clinic

Clerical Assistant Tasks

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Date and Time

June 4th 2015, 12:30pm

Description of Activity

I will be demonstrating how to run patients and register them into our computer system as well as finding their lab results.


These tasks are important in our daily routine because without them the clinic could not function the way it does. Registering patients is necessary since doctors are not allowed to see patients without their charts. Running patients to different waiting areas keeps the clinic available to everyone without a crowd and also helps doctors reach patients with more simplicity. Finding lab results in important because in order for a doctor to help patients they must first know whats wrong and so they need to have lab results for example, blood or urine results.

Running Patients

  1. Take the charts out of the bin located in the Runners room.
  2. Check age, gender and other things on the chart in order to know which information page to give to the patient.
  3. Leave the runners room and call patient, last name first.
  4. Give patient's health card back to them if its attached on the chart and tell them to follow you.
  5. Take patient to the waiting corresponding to the room number placed on the chart by the team leader.
  6. Tell the patient to take a seat in waiting room and place chart in doctors bin.
  7. Go back to patient give them the information sheet and explain it to them.
  8. Walk back to the Runners room and wait for next chart.

Finding Lab Results

  1. Check sticky note on paper to know what results your looking for.
  2. Once you know whether the results are lab (blood, urine, swab) or radiology (X-ray/Ultrasound) you open the associated page to find the result.
  3. If the results are lab you open the lab folder, and open the results folder by last name.
  4. Check sticky again for which day the test was submitted and find and print the test from that day.
  5. If result is not there check online on Gamma and if its not there either you call the lab and ask them to fax it.
  6. If the results are radiology, you open the corresponding page (Vodden) and put in the patients health card number.
  7. Check when the test was done on the sticky and print out the results from that day.
  8. Attach results to chart and stamp "Results Attached" on the top left hand corner of the chart.
  9. Hand chart to team leader.

Registering Patients

  1. Greet the patient and ask if they have been at the clinic before (make a note on the sticky "B" for back and "NP" for New Patient.
  2. Ask for their symptoms and note it down on the sticky note or ask for any forms (For drivers, TB testing, vaccines ect.)
  3. Ask for health card or licence (Drivers only) and tell them to take a seat.
  4. If its a driver ask them to do a urine sample.
  5. Swipe health card and print out chart.
  6. Type in health card into the patient registry.
  7. Write down any chronic care on the tope of the chart, also note "B" or "NP" on chart as well.
  8. If its a new patient print out a Data Base and tell them to fill it out.
  9. Initial the chronic care.
  10. Send chart to the back for results, urine testing or team leader.

Required Materials

Computer and Printer

note pads and pens

Any system the clinic uses (ex. HCV)

No special instructions for teacher.

Signature of Placement Supervisor