All About me!

An original is always worth more than a copy

The Right way to think

My brain oriantaioin is right and that means I am creative and I am very spontaneous and unpredictable, I enjoy working in groups and i dream big and i love music...

My interests

Hospitality and Tourism- Arts, A/V Technology and Communications-  Human Services                        ~ I love interacting with people.

What I like to do~ hobbies

My hobbies include hanging out with friends~ spending time with family~  volenteering at my - spending time with my neices

My Personality

MY personality type is BLUE - which means at work i enjoy helping others and i work and learn best with the human element. With friends I'm very affectionate supportive and I'm looking for the perfect love. With family I'm very sensitive and enjoy to be well thought of.

Self Esteem- 76%

Values at my workplace

Workplace Income Innovation~ Accomplishment Prestige

My Future education

Graduate from the Junior HIgh..... Graduate High School.....Go to college at North Arkansas Community College for about 3 years.....Then transfer to the University of Arkansas to finish off the rest of my college.

WHo I might wanna become

Registered Nurse-  Family Doctor-  O.B.G.Y.N

My career goal

To be in a professtion that will help others.

How I want to live

I want to live an average life. Where I can buy things that i like and things that my family wants.Also I want to have enough money to invest in a house, cars and  various companys.

Characterists of my Career

Challenging....Mentally Demanding....Time Consuming....Quick Decsion Making

WHo i am

Honestly I can say I dont quiet know who I am just yet. I am yet to be defined, catigorized and labeled by society. But all i know right now is I like to help people. I like the satisfactory feeling of putting a long over due smile on someones face.