Life as a nurse

Avianna Woods

being a nurse

the career i chose was nurse. A nurse is someone who helps others. registerd nurses provide and cordinate patient care, rducate patient and public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to paitients and their family members. In order to be a nurse you would have to be licensed, have a bachelors degree, an associates degree, or diploma from improved nursing program. Being a nurse is hard work and it is a tough job. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

money matters

there are bad things of being a nurse but there are some good things too such as the money your yearly income is $65,470 the money you get per month is 5,455.83. this is just your gross pay. after you pay all your monthly deductions such as rent,phone,cable,water,power,food,entertainment you would have $837.49 to spend on your own.

my home

my house is a single family home. it has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. the location is 1058 flagstaff st. Iowa city Iowa, my house coast $419,900, but its monthly pay is $2,123.