Mrs Richmond's Newsletter



MATH: On Monday we will be going through the study guide for our Area/Perimeter/Multiplication unit test. The students will then get to revise this study guide and we will take the test on Wednesday. The rest of the week we will be starting our division unit. This can be tricky and it would be useful to help your child learn multiplication/division facts.

READING: We are continuing with our mclass assessments. During this assessment time, the class will be completing a biography project. The class will be researching a person of interest and then producing a flip book showing all the facts they have learned.

SCIENCE: We are moving back on to Science when we return. Your child will be taught about Forces with Mrs. Bossard.

** Homework - Please sign your child's agenda on a daily basis to show that your child has completed that night's homework. I expect homework to be turned in on time. Every Monday we write all the homework in our agenda so we know when it is due in. Also, please try and let your child do the homework by themselves, but then check it over with them. We go through homework every day so the children are aware of how they should answer the questions.

1st Annual Passport to the World

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Next week will be Poplin's 1st Annual Passport to the World. Each class in the school has prepared a country and created a display outside their classroom. Our country is England! During the week, students will visit 5 different countries and then create a Google Slideshow Passport to show their learning. This is such a great event to widen our student's knowledge of the world. Being on the Global Committee, I am very excited for this event!! Pictures to follow after the event.


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Mclass reading assessments will be taking place over the next couple of weeks. Please talk with your child about trying their best and showing what they can do. This is a mid-year assessment so we can plan forward and make sure your child receives the support they need. If you have any questions, please email me.

25 Book Challenge

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The book challenge is underway. We have a big display on our hallway to show the progress of each student during the challenge!!


Please save your box tops and turn them in at any point during the term!

There was a much better collection of box tops this time! Thank you so much to everyone who brought them in. The next collection will be January 15th.

Thank you again for supporting our school.


01.11.16 = PTA meeting

01.11.16-01.14.16 = First annual passport to the world event

01.12.16 = Panera Bread family night

01.14.16 = Let's kick cancer tootsie pop $1 donation

01.18.16 = Martin Luther King Day - No school

01.19.16 - 01.20.16 = Teacher work days - No school