Jared Lohnes

For President

Meet Jared

Jared is an American who worries for this contries current condition and future. Jared wants to make this country great again and make it better than ever. He is a conservative republican who is committed to conserving tradition and moral rights and responsibilities.
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Jared believes in a flat tax rate of 15%. No loopholes or exceptions. Every person and business should have equal taxes and responsibilities. Jared believes that tax cuts also go long with cutting government spending, that way everything is equal.

Health Care

Jared believes that health care should be left to the private businesses and organizations. Jared believes that healthcare that is run by the government will result in inefficient healthcare and healthcare that isn't very good, therefor, for the good of the people, healthcare should be left to the private sector.


Jared believes that immigrants should be welcomed, but he believes that they should only be allowed in through legal methods. If more immigrants are let in whenever they want. , this could lead to more illegal immigrants and safety issues. Letting immigrants in only legally is very important to America's safety.

Gun Control

Jared believes in the second amendment rights to buy, own, and carry firearms. Also enforcing the current laws we have on firearms and background checks.


Jared believes that we need to end all abortion. Jared believes that all life is precious and that even an unborn baby is alive and has the right to live.


Jared believes that the government should not be involved in education. He believes that education should be rebuilt by private organizations to create an education that prepares kids for what they want to do later in life.

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