Cary Colt Kudos

Making The Good Public

We have some great things going on around our NEW Cary!

Thank you for sending in your kudos... Keep them coming! I have some of my own. We work in a profession where the "THANK YOUs" don't happen each day. It is nice to hear that our colleagues notice!

ALL IS WELL.... Expect positive intent!

MORE Kudos sent in:

  • Kudos to Ms. H for being supportive to the 6th grade ELAR team with planning and other responsibilities and for helping Mr. Poveda pack up his room on Friday, which caused her to miss her bus and make her wait for the train to take her home. (Call your principal next time Ms. H!)
  • Kudos to Mr. Vela for being open to plan in science.
  • Kudos to Ms. Smith for taking on a new content area and making her room inviting for our 6th graders.
  • Kudos to Ms. Hull for sharing plans and being positive!
  • Kudos to Mr. Morris for the creative lesson plans and MRS observed last week. You are a Rock Star.
  • Kudos to Mr. Rico for mentoring students and offering to tutor.
  • Kudos to Mr. Davis on the great walk-through. Now the administrators are going to expect us to all do that. Hahahaha. (Yes, that is right)
  • Kudos to Mr. Diaz for taking my place at the volleyball game, so I could attend my son's World Cup soccer game. -Vaughan
  • Kudos to our Hall Monitors for being ready to help!-Vaughan
  • Kudos to Ms. Patterson for taking charge of the ELAR team and asking for clarification on our ELAR goals.
  • Kudos to all Ms. Erskin for taking on 8th grade!
  • Thank you Ms. Fuentes for teaching our ESL students until we could figure out our schedule!!!! -Vaughan
  • Kudos to Ms. Coney for truly teaching our students ART! I was lucky enough to meet REAL art teachers in middle school and it changed the course of my life. I am so glad I have such a strong Fine Arts department!!! -Vaughan