What Your Getting

Made from Kodu game lab two games have been produced each game testing you on different skills. Dont forget both of these games are FREE.

Speed Highway

A competetive racing game against 9 other computer controlled players. Avoid obsticles along the way while avoiding missiles from parts of the map.

Higher & Higher

A fast paced collecting game where 50 points are up for grabs to reach the final level and for you to have a chance to face the boss. Are you up for this challange

The Games

Speed Highway

This active game is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. If your not shooting other opponents you will be battling mountains and valleys to reach to the highest levels you can get to.

Higher & Higher

5 ultiamate levels challanging many of your skills to the test. Collect all of the 50 hidden coins while trying to shoot opponents in the mean time. Do you think you are up for the challange of playing Higher & Higher?

The 3 Main Things To Remember

Too Good To Be True

You can't get much better than two games which are both totally FREE. For extra infomation about these two games contact Andrew Kay at

or call


Enjoy !