The Spanish-American War

Michael Dejesus

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Section 2

  • Accuracy of the stories: Some of the stories in newspapers were true but some of them were a bit stretched out.
  • Ideas on the coverage of these events as an effort to keep Americans informed: Many ways to keep Americans informed were by newspapers, and with Yellow Journalism.
  • Reconcentration Camps: Over 400,00 Cubans died as a result of the Spanish Reconcentration Policy.
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Section 3

Basic Details of Each Incident: Newspapers describe the U.S Maine blowing up.

Attempts to encourage Americans to press U.S government into war with Spain: Propaganda and newspapers convince that Spain is bad.

Terms de Lome letter and U.S Maine: The De Lome Letter was supposed to go to a friend in Cuba, but the US intercepted it, the letter said that the U.S President McKinley was weak, it offended the Americans.

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Section 4

Details of battles in Cuba: The battles were fought in Cuba, one of the wars was called the battle for San Juan Hill. One battle contributed to the war with the Philippines. There was 27 battles total in the Cuban War,

Casualties: 5,500 Americans died in the war.

Rough Riders: Roosevelt quit his assistant job to fight in the war with a group of men that rode horses, they were called the Rough Riders.

San Juan Hill: It was an assault on Santiago to fight for San Juan Hill.

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Section 5

Explanation of each character: There is Uncle Sam in the back with some president or business man and Uncle Sam is showing him America. Then while someone who is a president is raising the flag and being proud, another president is chopping it down. I think this cartoon means that some presidents help America and some presidents don't.

Platt Amendment: A bill with seven conditions to bring the remaining U.S troops out of Cuba and for Cuba to sign a treaty.

Anti-Imperialist League: To battle the American annexation of the Philippines as an insular area.