English Language Arts

Week 19

Enjoy the Break!

School resumes Wednesday, 1/6/16!

Extra Help

If you think your child would benefit from some extra help over the break, try these great interactive sites:


Language Arts


Next Semester

Next semester, we will start with a six-week poetry and figurative language unit, prepare for the Georgia Milestone test, and wrap-up the school year with my favorite book of all time, The Outsiders. If you want a head start, here is a link to the terms for our unit 3 test, which will most likely be on 2/5:

Vocabulary Flashcards

Practice with Quizlet Games!

Independent Reading

Holiday break is a great opportunity for kids to get ahead on their independent reading points! Second semester has a requirement of 20 points (can be earned through AR tests or Reading Plus points). Don't forget that books make excellent gifts!

More information on independent reading can be found here.

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