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From the CSA

Greetings! Can you believe that a month has already passed in our 2014-15 school year? As the leaves turn and the temperature begins to drop, our studies will be turning up. Please check our website for daily club updates, activities here at the school, announcements, and much more. If you ever have questions, feel free to reach out to me via email or calling me at 935.2707. Onward! - Jay Eitner, CSA
LAC 2.0 is ready to go!

In Ms. Schroeder's Class...

Ms. Schroeder's class has been busy observing caterpillars turning into butterflies! We learned about the butterfly life cycle, and we watched as 5 caterpillars became beautiful butterflies. Everyday we looked in our "butterfly enclosure" and recorded our observations in a butterfly journal. It was a lot of fun watching the caterpillars form a chrysalis and emerge as a stunning butterfly. We also did many activities centered around butterflies such as acting out the life cycle, writing poems, making crafts, and drawing a mural showing what we observed. We are looking forward to releasing our butterflies during the first week of October!

In Mrs. Greenberg's Class...

September in Mrs. Greenberg's writing classes was a fun and busy month!

Grade 5 is studying the narrative genre and are learning to become better storytellers and are being introduced to literary devices. Grade 6 is studying the narrative genre with a special focus on sensory language and the use of imagery. Grade 7 is working on the explanatory/informative writing genre. They just finished "how to" Prezi projects where they got to teach their audience how to learn and do a particular skill. Grade 8 is currently working on opinion/argument writing, and just finished their first formal essay, an opinion piece on a topic they are personally passionate about. Students conducted research to help them along in their writing and peer-edited their writing to gain extra feedback.

In Mrs. Beitsch's Class...

Kindergarten has had a great start to the new school year. We are meeting new friends and being introduced to new things. In math, we are learning all about the numbers 0-5. In ELA, we are reviewing the letters of the alphabet and using those letters to create words. Science and social studies has us practicing bus safety rules and learning about how apples grow. We even made delicious applesauce!! The excitement of Kindergarten continues!