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May 6, 2020

From our Director

We are doing great things at Cascadia Tech Academy!
Newsletter #3

Enrolling Now

Cascadia Tech is still accepting online applications for the upcoming school year! Limited space is available in the following popular programs:

Automotive Technology

Business Principles

Culinary, Baking & Pastry Arts


Diesel Technology

Fashion Design

Hospitality & Tourism

Information Technology Systems, Service & Support

Pre-Engineering Design Technology

Please visit our website to apply today! Be sure to contact your high school counselor after submitting the application.

Cascadia Tech Answers the call to make PPE

Chris Shepard, Pre-Engineering Design Technology Instructor at Cascadia Technical Academy has been assisting both the Camas and Evergreen School District robotics teams to make PPE for healthcare professionals. Cascadia Tech's laser cutters are being used to manufacture parts for face and eye shields. Once complete, the pieces are delivered to the Camas Robotics Lab for assembly and packaging for delivery.

The collaboration has delivered 5253 eye shields and 1256 full face shields to local healthcare providers. Bruce Whitefield, CTE Instructor at Discovery High School said “We have been laser cutting 4'x8' .02” PETG sheets for face shields and rolls of .007" PETG for eye shields, pretty much non-stop the last 4 weeks." The team has secured material to produce another 5000 eye shields and 5000 full face shields!

A goal of the team is to run longer hours, by instructors taking shifts. Covington Middle School CTE teacher, Christian Kaneen, is helping at Cascadia Tech. Currently, the group is utilizing the services of two instructors per location, each wearing PPE. Student involvement includes running 3D printers, managing non-contact pick of and delivery of materials, fund raising, receiving PPE requests and making deliveries, all from their homes.

Cascadia Tech is so proud and excited to be part of this collaboration between districts, schools, staff and students to provide the much needed medical protection during the Covid-19 pandemic. As our Director, Joan Huston often exclaims, “We are doing great things at Cascadia Tech Academy!”

Check out Infinite Resource for up to date information and how you can help the cause!

Watch Us Grow!

Spring 2019, Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts received a $2,000 Whole Foods Foundation Garden Grant. The grant is upgrading and expanding the current classroom garden.

The program began a small garden ten years ago, to introduce the concept of the "Farm to Table" movement, which promotes the preparation of locally sourced foods.

This grant updates and enlarges the garden area by replacing the current deteriorated raised beds, replenishing the soil, purchasing new plants and introducing hydroponics. The students help maintain the garden throughout the school year. Sustainability practices is a unit of study in the program's American Culinary Federation curriculum.

Goals of the gardening program include producing foods to enhance student knowledge and employment opportunities. Specifically the integration of sustainability, farm to table practices, utilizing the produce and herbs grown within the menu planning, preparation and garnishing. Thank you Whole Foods Foundation for your support!

Cascadia Tech Grads: Where are they now?

Aviation Technology recently had 2016 graduates visit - Jaeden Horacek, Greg Lyall and Andrew Knight. All three were in the first class when the program launched in 2014.

Jaeden Horacek earned an AA degree from Big Bend Community College and has nearly completed his A&P license to be an aircraft mechanic. He shared the job prospects in this industry are endless, when fresh out of school. Employers range from any of the regional or major airlines, small fixed-based operators, and private contractors or outliers like Mitsubishi and Cubcrafters. This summer he will service firebombing aircraft utilized to fight forest fires in the western United States.

Upon graduation, Greg Lyall enlisted in the Navy and has served one deployment. He currently maintains and troubleshoots electrical systems on F/A-18F Super Hornet twin-engine, carrier-capable, multi-role fighter jets.

Andrew Knight attended Big Bend Community College, graduating with a Commercial Pilot Associates of Arts and Sciences Degree. He recently started working as an Aerial Surveyor in Idaho.

Todd Bode, Aviation Technology Instructor states, "It's exciting to see recent graduates already holding advanced certifications and showcasing the diversity of employment opportunities within the industry, from commercial pilot to aviation mechanic to military aviation electrician. These are the opportunities for which we aim to prepare students. My hat is off to these guys, it takes hard work and self-discipline to get there!"

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