The STEAM Update

Week of September 19, 2016

What's happening around STEAM

PTO Fundraiser begins

Monday 9/19

PLC in cafeteria (4:15pm-5:00pm) Curriculum Calibration led by Brandon

Tuesday 9/20

e2L Coaching Day (All day for teachers who were trained in June)

AVID Site Team Mtg @ 4:15pm in A115

Wednesday 9/21

Faculty Mtg (Baby Shower for Brandon & Dani) (4:15pm-5:00pm)

Thursday 9/22

Brandon out in the afternoon (Texas ASCD Luncheon)

Friday 9/23

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, September 20th: HMS 7th grade football @ Granbury Acton & 8th-grade football vs Granbury Acton / KMS 7th grade football @ White Settlement & 8th grade vs White Settlement

Thursday, September 22nd: HMS Volleyball vs Weatherford / KMS Aledo

September 26th-30th: STEAM Bookfair

Wednesday, September 28th: D.C. Trip Parent/Student Recruitment Meeting 6-7:00 pm

Friday, September 30th: End of the first six weeks

Friday, September 30th: STEAM PTO fundraiser is due

Wednesday, October 19th: PSAT 8/9 Testing for 8th graders

STEAM Middle School is the campus newsletter for parents

Thank you for a successful 1st STEAM Dance

Thank you all for your support and volunteer effort to ensure that our first dance was successful!

Reminder: Seek CRIT early and often for your e2L units

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e2L Units

Here are a few tips to build strong e2L units.

  • Cluster 3-4 standards (at least 1 from a different content area) in one unit
  • Seek CRIT (email Lyday, Johnson, Parker, and Chappotin the link to your unit for crit)
  • Leave project requirements open ended for student voice and choice

Email admin when you are beginning a unit

Academic Lab Absences

Teachers, please report all Academic Lab student absences via Google Form. Click here to view Academic Lab Absence form. This Google Form can be found on our STEAM MS Links page: . Failure to attend any academic lab will result in after school detention for students.

STEAM U Friday Clubs

If you do not have students report to your club on Friday, please report to the cafeteria to help actively monitor students. Teachers, if you have not volunteered to sponsor/co-sponsor a club, please report to the cafeteria to actively monitor our students. Thank you for your continued support in making our Friday clubs a success.

Please email Tricia Lyday for any club changes (location, STEAM U period) by Wednesday, Sept. 14th.

Trust Cards

Students have begun to receive their Level 1: Blue Trust Card after completing all digital citizenship modules and quizzes. Trust Cards will continue to be distributed during lunch this week. At the end of the six weeks, students will then have the opportunity to "level up" trust cards based upon their attendance, behavior, and academic performance.

House Points Competition

Congrats to Biruda for winning the 3rd-week house points competition!!!

**NEW FORM for House Points**

**NEW Site to track House Points**

Lunch Schedule

All 4th-period classes who do not have a subsequent class immediately after will extend until 12:30pm.

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Campus Visits & Classroom Ambassadors

Please identify a student in each of your classes who will serve as a classroom ambassador for each class period. This student will be responsible for:

  • Opening the door for classroom visitors and greeting them
  • Ensure that visitors have a place to sit or stand
  • Explaining the Learning Target and where they are in the learning
  • Answer any questions that visitors have about the class

These students need to be identified on Monday 8/29.

Chromebooks & Charging

We want to encourage our students to leave their chargers at home and bring a fully charged Chromebook to school. In the event that a student needs to charge, please allow them to do so in a discreet manner that does not interrupt class time. If they can make it to their STEAM U time, then remind the student to wait until STEAM U to charge.

Weekly Parent Communication

Please be sure to connect with the parents of your students weekly. The newsletter is a great start, but be sure to send out at least one piece of correspondence per week in addition to the grade level newsletter. Examples include: Skyward messages, Remind messages, discipline calls, positive reinforcement calls, etc.

***Please be sure to add the tutorial schedule, homework, and any upcoming major assignments to your newsletters for parents***

Please email Mr. Chappotin with how you contact your parents.

Ask Brandon

We want you to know that we are here for you. If you have any questions, we would be ore than happy to answer them for you!