Data Gathering for Swachh Bengaluru

A massive movement for an excellent waste collection system

Why gather data?

Most of us have been part of different campaigns and clean up drives as a part of the Prime Minister's Swachh Bharat Mission. However, for our clean up drives to sustain, the problem of littering must be contained at source by providing a good waste collection system. Municipal Solid waste management is one of the functions of Urban Local Body (BBMP for Bengaluru city), and waste collection and cleaning is one of the core activities that should be meticulously planned.

This planning must be backed by relevant data. The basic data for waste collection is the waste generator details. Students for Development (SFD) is joining hands with BBMP to collect location specific waste generator details in all the 198 wards of BBMP. An extensive spatial database of all the non-residential establishments will be collected. With this information, an effective waste collection system can be planned.

Join hands to be part of a more sustainable SWACHH BHARAT.

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Who can join

This movement is for a team of 8 - 12 students or volunteers, where each one of them can commit around 60 - 70 hours spread across a month for one ward.

On completion of the ward taken up, your effort and time will be recognized with a certificate.

Action on ground

The work on ground involves the below listed tasks

  • Splitting the chosen ward map into required number of parts
  • Understanding the ward boundary thoroughly from the ward official
  • Going around each and every street in the ward gathering non-residential establishment data

The ward maps, online form to gather data and detailed manuals to carry out the activity will be provided by us.

About Us

Students for Development (SFD) initiated in 1990 to promote the need for sustainable development in its right form among studets