This is happening!!

how to understand the little alien growing inside of you.

The First Trimester

By the end of the first trimester, you're baby is still just a little fetus. Its about three inches long and only wieghs one ounce. Its like a little person with fingernails and eyelids with a huge head, about 1\3 its whole length. By this point, your baby has functioning organs and response system. It can squint and move its body and even make a lose fist.

Mom at this point has missed her periods and begun to feel the hormones that come along with pregneny. You might feel a heightened sense of smell or fatique or cravings. The bathroom through these next couple of months will be your best friend with frequent morning sickness and urnination. Make sure to stock up on some air freshner and magazines!

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Second Trimester

Now your baby has more than quadrupled in size at 4 inches long. The baby hasfull developed eyes that can even suint open. The baby can hear the world around it and make a strong fist. This is when you'll feel those little baby kicks and knows that your little alien is becoming a real person.

As your baby develops, so do your hormones. Emotional changes are present ni women, you may feel happy to sad in an instance. Just remmeber to keep perspective. By now your little baby belly is prevalent, along with breast enlargement. At this point, Mom may aslo feel breathlessness and cramps and maybe even some nosebleeds.

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Third Trimester

About a week before birth, your baby has stoped growing. On average, the little alien inside of you will be 7.5 pounds and 20 inches long. By the third trimester, your child's organs are operating efficiently, their heart rate has increased, and more wastes are bein gexpelled from their body.

Don't fret if you've gained twenty plus pounds. part of it is the little bugger inside of you. Your baby is also pressing against your bladder and diaphragm and casuing your stomach to be upset. Frequent urnination, heart buirn, breathlessness, they're all common as you finish up your pregnancy.

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The Do Not's of Pregnancy!

*Do not drink alchohol

*Do not use tobacco products

*(no heavy lifting but check wiht your doctor before engaging in intense physical exercise)

*Do not eat a lot of seafood

*(read all medicine warnings, check to see if a pregnant women can take them)

*Do not eat all fatty foods

Three Stages of Birth


-cervix opens(dialation)

-"water" breaks

-mucus plug comes out


-crowing(you can see the head)


-baby comes out of you(at last)

After Birth

-placenta is birthed

-embelical cord cut

-baby wiped off and cleaned

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