Madison Family Newsletter

October 2022

Letter from Principal Estrada

We have had a busy September as you will read in the classroom updates! Thank you for your amazing participation in our Family Picnic September 22nd - we had great weather, awesome treats and loads of fun! I am looking forward to a fantastic year of learning and teaching~ it is our superpower! As we move into the Month of October we are proud of the way our students are learning routines, making friends, challenging themselves in the classroom and making good choices. At Madison we recognize the importance of connecting home and school and want to invite you to our next parent engagement event "Family Math Night", Thursday Oct 13th. I look forward to partnering with you this year!

~Be Well,

Principal Estrada

Upcoming Dates

  • October 3, School Picture Day!!
  • October 6, Saint Cloud Symphony Orchestra String Quartet Perform (Grade 5)
  • October 13, Family Math Night 5:30-7:00pm
  • October 20, No School, MEA
  • October 21, No School, MEA

Monday, October 3rd is School Picture Day

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Our school ID: EVTBJVKR7

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From Our Classrooms 🍎


The kindergarteners have been busy little learners since the first day of school. They have learned how to be at school all day, eat lunch with their new friends, and how to find their classrooms all by themselves. They also enjoyed meeting their music, gym, art, and library teachers. Although the kindergarteners have been busy learning in their classrooms, if you ask any of them what their favorite class is they will tell you “RECESS!”

1st Grade

Hi 1st Grade Families!

We are off to a great start this year! We began with schoolwide and classroom expectations with students and signed our classroom contracts. Our contracts stated what we as a first grade classroom expect from one another. First graders have started their reading stamina and writing. For math, we have been working on patterns and addition. All the first grade teachers cannot wait to see the growth of each student.

We wish you well,

1st Grade Teachers

2nd Grade

2nd graders have been busy learning routines in their classrooms this month. They are learning that their classroom is like a family and building relationships with each other. We all have been relearning the Mustang Model in all areas of the school.

During the month, they have been building up stamina to be able to read longer and stronger. Our goal for the year is to be able to read for twenty minutes. The classrooms have been reviewing the short a and short i vowel sounds and writing shorter sentences to start with. It’s been fun to see students making connections with stories and identifying words.

In math, the classes are practicing using manipulatives like blocks, whiteboards, cards, and counting chips like “tools.” We are all reviewing basic adding skills and number patterns using these manipulatives appropriately. We are all practicing being able to do math by ourselves and math with a partner. So, they are learning new games to practice number skills. We are all looking forward to a lot of success in 2nd grade this year!

3rd Grade

3rd grade is off to a great start! We have started to learn many new things. In reading, we have been working on our read-to-self stamina and learning new ways to think about our reading. Writing has also taken off! We have been practicing our handwriting, learning about parts of speech, and spending time journaling. During math, we are learning all about place value and are getting ready for our first place value knowledge check! We are having so much fun getting to know each other and reviewing expectations. What a great start to the year!

4th Grade

We have been very excited to get to know all of our fourth grade friends. We have made some really good connections and we are starting the year off great! In Math, we are practicing our place value skills to help us with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We had a very fun time doing a math clothesline activity with Ms. Holland. We finished up our STAR assessment in reading. We also dove right into our first unit and started reading and writing about ways we can help during natural disasters. They came up with some very helpful information. As we move forward into October, we will build on all of these skills and add more. We can’t wait for the continuation of a great year! Happy Fall!!

5th Grade

Hello Wonderful Madison Families!

Can you believe it has been a month of excitement, exploration, and community building within our classrooms? Here are some upcoming events to mark on your calendar.

1. Picture day October 3rd

2. Math family Night on Oct 13th from 5:30-7pm

3. MEA break is Oct 20-23rd (Thursday-Sunday) No School

In the last month, 5th grade has been working hard building relationships among their own classroom as well as the rest of the grade level. Students have been practicing and implementing the mustang model. In math class with Arendt and Christensen, we are working on learning place value from millions and millionths. Mr. Mass and Ms. Chai are focusing on volume on 3-D figures. Reading we are learning about different genres with a focus on personal narrative writings. In science were exploring Earth, our galaxy, and beyond!

SEL Corner

Welcome to the SEL Corner! SEL stands for Social Emotional Learning. My name is Mrs. Fahleen, and I am the SEL Coach at Madison. As the SEL Coach, I have the honor of working with students and teachers to build their SEL skills. SEL focuses on five main areas; Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making. We will practice these skills through classroom lessons, stories, and activities. One of our favorite ways to practice these skills and build community at the beginning of the school year is through games. Classroom games require students to work together, follow the given rules, and practice good sportsmanship. Having a strong classroom community builds a foundation of safety and belonging, which in turn helps students flourish both socially and academically. Madison students will also participate in a Morning Check-In. The check-in elevates student voice and allows students to share how they are feeling that day. Students will use their school device to choose a simple emoji that best matches their mood. This helps us to “take the temperature” of the building each day. This also allows for an extra adult contact, or check-in, with students as needed. SEL skills are an important part of your child’s success. We’re off to a great start, and I’m looking forward to another wonderful year at Madison!

Allied Arts has a new teacher

Hello Madison families! My name is Kelly Meyer and I am happy to be joining this wonderful team as the new Art Teacher. As a working artist, I have been active in our community where I teach classes in fiber arts and paper making at the Paramount Art Center, have wpaired with local organizations such as the Great River Regional Library, Wacosa, and Independent Lifestyles Inc bringing art to disabled adults and children, and worked as a lead artist with the YES Network. I have shown work locally, nationally, and internationally and have a few shows coming up this winter and spring. I am very excited to start several collage (cut and glue) projects where we get to not only make cool art but work on our hand-eye coordination and our fine motor skills. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, I'm always happy to hear from families.

Talent Development News

Do you know A LOT about A LOT? Do you know A LITTLE about A LOT? Well, we will need what you know, for our Mustang Knowledge Bowl Team!!! Bring your KNOWLEDGE!!

KNOWLEDGE BOWL is quickly approaching for our 5th grade scholars!

Practice and competitions are tentatively scheduled for Tuesdays during the month of November! Participation forms will be sent home soon, so look out for them! Form will NEED to be returned by the deadline, to avoid being on the wait-list!

You are SMART! You are BRAVE!! You are MUSTANG!!!

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