Miss Cleasby's 4K News

News for the week of April 1st

Happy 100th day!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing spring break! This week we will be celebrating our 100th day of school. The morning class will celebrate their 100th day of school on Tuesday April 2nd. The afternoon class will celebrate their 100th day of school this Friday, April 5th. Below I have included a fun Dr. Jean video where she "Macarena Counts to 100"!
Macarena Count to 100

Jolly Phonics

Our Jolly Phonics letter of the week is "Y". The action for the letter "Y" sound is to pretend to eat yogurt from a spoon, saying y,y,y,y,y. Click below for a video with the Jolly Phonics "Y' Song.
JOLLY PHONICS y song from Read Australia - Having FUN with phonics

Star of the Week A.M.

Super job as "Star of the Week" Sam! Thanks for showing us some of your neat toys, like your dinosaur and Pokemon. You sure know a lot about dinosaurs! This week Sam's mom will visit and show the class Sam's dog. A picture will follow in next week's newsletter.

Star of the Week P.M.

Joey, you did such a great job as "Star of the Week"! Your show and tell items were a hit with your classmates. I especially liked the "megaphone" toy. Thanks for having your dad visit! He was able to tell the class a little about his job working for the city of Madison! The class liked his cool orange vest!