Mountain Lion's

By Jude


When baby mountain lion's are young and every time they get older there spot's will start to fade away. And mountain lion's have over 40 different name's. The only predator's mountain lion's have are human's.

Mountain lion map

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Mountain lion's have the largest range of any other wild cat from south Canada to south America. Female's leave claw mark's on where they stay. And male's leave leaf's or needles where they stay. They are solitary animals, the male's cover 100 square miles.

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food chain/ food web

Mountain lion's eat deer, sheep, antelope, moose, porcupines, hares, pigs, and horses. And there carnivores.
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Life cycle

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Inherited traits

Mountain lion's skin, there eye's, there teeth, there wait, there speed, and there jump power.


Mountain lion's are realy stethy, they run fast, and they can jump high.

stuff for enclosure

Meat, water, tall grass, sement blocks, and alot of space.


They love to play with balls and in the mud.
Mountain Lion By Jude