a place that you can call home

major cities

Ontario is a great place to live here's some major cities that you can consider living in

Hamilton Toronto and Windsor London you want to know why these are the major cities because they are the largest cities in Ontario and some of the nicest cities in Ontario.The capital of Ontario is Toronto.


Ontario is located between Manitoba and Quebec part of eastern Canada now here is a map of Ontario with all that you need to know.
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wonder questions

1. when was Ontario founded.

2. what's the population of Ontario.

3. when did Toronto become the capital of Ontario.

answers to wonder questions

1. Ontario was founded July 1st 1867.

2. the Ontario population is 13.60 million people.

3. Toronto became the capital of Ontario in 1793.

major landforms

the major landforms of Ontario are wood tree's and plants food Lakes rivers forests hills the five great lakes (names of the great lakes) Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie,Lake superior, lake ST.clair those are the major landforms of Ontario.

natural resources

the natural resources of Ontario include food water wood stone plants trees those are the natural resources of Ontario.


here are some tourisms I think you'll be interested in viewing the first one is the cn tower in Toronto the second one is Canada's wonderland the third one is Algonquin provincial park those are some interesting tourisms so good bye.