East Room Floral Arrangement

By: Devin Williams

Use of the East room

The East Room is used as the chief area for entertaining the East Room is also the largest room in the White House.
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Some of the Flowers that I will put in the East room

I used these flowers to go hand and hand with the rooms design as well as the color in the room
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Form Flower

Has a unique form to it that allows it to stand out
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The actual Floral Arrangement

East Room Facts

    1. Abigail Adams famously hung laundry to dry here.
    2. Architect Benjamin Latrobe noted that the ceiling had fallen in sometime between 1800 and 1809. The room was finally completed in 1826.
    3. At times during the Civil War years, Union troops occupied the room.
    4. In 1864, the East Room was the scene of a large reception given by President Lincoln in honor of Ulysses S Grant shortly before his appointment as head of all the Union armies.
    5. In April of 1865, the East Room was again filled with people, but this time they were mourners surrounding the body of President Lincoln after his assassination.
    6. All of the heavy Victorian adornments were swept away in the 1902 renovation. Today the East Room retains the late 18th-century classical style to which it was restored by architects McKim, Mead, & White during the Theodore Roosevelt renovation of 1902.
    7. When President Arthur redecorated the White House in 1882, Louis Tiffany found it necessary only to install silver paper on the ceiling of the East Room and to increase the number of potted plants, whereas elsewhere he installed Tiffany glass windows and plaster trim.

Materials needed

  • Water
  • Vase
  • Floral Foam
  • Flower food
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