By: Kimmy Fountain

Michelangelo's life

Michelangelo was born March 6th, 1475 in the city of Carprese, Tuscany. As a young boy, he was sent to grammar school in Florence Italy, and spent most of his life there creating art. Although Michelangelo didn't like school very much. Michelangelo showed most interest in copying paintings from churches. Michelangelo made paintings and sculpture the most. One of the first sculptures he made in 1499 was called "Pieta". A later painting he made in 1541 was called "The last Judgement".

Michelangelo's work

The name of the piece above is called Dieu Arreste Jeremie Pour and was made in 1580. You can see this painting at the Yale University Art Gallery in Connecticut. This piece represents Jeremie, who was a figure in the bible. There are also aspects of literary elements on the side of this piece because if you look closely you can see captions at the bottom and writing at the top. I found this piece so interesting because of the writing in the painting and the many different colors. This piece also exemplifies individualism because on the right side of this picture there is what looks like a castle and there is probably one ruler.

More of Michelangelo's work

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