Written By: Orson Scott Card

A little bit about the book...

Ender is a young boy at the start of the book, he never quite fit in with his peers. He was selected to attend battle school; little did he know the Generals had ulterior motives. Ender was a very bright kid, he was small and scrawny but as he went up in the ranks he got quicker, very clever, and he was a natural leader...he saw things in a very unique perspective. This definitely helped him adapt the techniques of former leaders to his own, which caused him to excel in the battle room. By the end of the book Ender didn't lose, he moved so quickly that no has ever seen someone his age be in the top class.

Propaganda Techniques Used in Ender's Game

In the novel Ender's Game, the author Orson Scott Card, uses the propaganda technique Fear. He instills fear into his readers countless times throughout the book. Ender was a young kid so most of the other battle school students felt threatened by hi since he was so young in a higher level. He was bullied and threatened all the time, and he even fought back. When he fought his attackers he used the thing he saw most necessary - violence - he often left his opponents bloody, injured, bruised, and even once...dead. Some think he resorted to violence because of his older brother, Peter. Peter was the kind of brother that was a bully, one who tortured Ender day in and day out. Orson also used the Rhetorical Appeal Pathos in the novel. He made us feel something every time Ender got into a fight...at first Ender lets his emotions take control of him almost as if it consumes him and then by the end of the attack it's like he realizes what just happened. When Ender feels regret and remorse we feel it too. We feel the anger that explodes out of Ender each time someone torments him, we feel the loneliness every time Ender thinks of Valentine, we feel the death of a whole specie/planet at the death of the buggers. This novel is jam packed full of Pathos.

Ender's Game Film (2013) Trailer

ENDER'S GAME - Final Trailer - Official - 2013

By: Brenna Matthews 9/22/15