How To Find Help

For Teen Alcohol Users

How many teens drink?

Less than 10% of teens under the age of 14 has drunk alcohol in the last month. Less than 30% of teens between the ages of 15 to 17 have chosen to drink alcohol in the same amount of time. While there are still a lot of teens who drink alcohol, many of them are starting to change their minds about their decision. But how do they stop?

Why do teens who want to stop drinking continue their addiction?

While addiction and withdrawals are part of the problem, the main reason that teens who use alcohol have trouble ending their drinking habit is that they don't know where to find help. Help can be found in many places, but for teens who find themselves in a position to need help have trouble seeing it.

Where can help be found?

Help with drinking habits can be found in schools, in counseling and in hospitals. Liberty Hospital can offer aid. The phone number for people who have that problem is: (816) 407-2302 and the address of the hospital is 130 S Stewart Road, Liberty, MO.