The Docs

Baby Doc and Papa Doc


So we are going to be talking about Papa doc. Papa Doc was born on April 14,1907,in Port-au-Prince,Haiti. What is Haiti? Haiti is a country of the west Indies comprising western Haisaniola of 2 offshore islands.
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Jean-Cluade Duvalier

Okay now lets talk bout Jean-Claude also known as Baby Doc. He was born on July 3,1951 in Port-au-Prince Haiti. He was president of Haiti from 1957 to 1971. He also had children that was called Niclouas Duvalier and Anya Dulavier. He was one of the worst rulers. Even more worst than his dad. He died on October 4,2014 in Port-au-Prince at the age of 63

Francois Duvalier

Okay now lets talk about Francois. Francois also known as Papa Doc was born on April 14,1907 in Port-au-Prince in Haiti. As he was living he had 4 children named Marie Denise,Nicole,Simone,and Jean-Claude. Papa Doc went to school at University of Haiti of Medicine and became a doctor. He was still a cruel man. He became a president of Haiti 1971 to 1986 and died on April 24 1971 and thats when his son Baby Doc became president.

Their Government

When Papa Doc was the president he was a very cruel ruler. He made everybody do what he wants or there was going to be a consequence. What where they? He would kill them if they didnt do what he wanted. Their type of government was a dictatorship. When Papa Doc died his son then became a ruler and was even worst.
What have I learned about the haitis? I learned a lot about the Haitis . How thier government was, how they ran their countries,and how poor were they. By learning how the Haitis ran their country will tell you how different our country is to theirs.