Warm and Scenic

The basics

Location:East-Central coast of South America

Weather:Brazil is generally hot, lots of rain in summer months, Avg. 4-6 inches each month.

Climate Type:Tropical and Subtropical, Northern part is hot, southern part is more humid. There is a lot of rain. Winter lasts only 3 months.

Physical characteristics:Brazil has the huge Amazon Rain Forest, The Great Escarpment is where the highlands end at the ocean and created a huge wall.

How to fit in:

Languages: Portugues is the main language, there is also spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, and English speakers.

4 Folkways:Communication is relaxed and mostly informal, it is not uncommon to be interupted during a conversation, Making brief eye contact with strangers is okay, Rubbing two fingers together is indacated as a friendship.

Taboos: Don't get drunk, Don't do any sort of a drug, Never give money to street kids and beggers.

Values: Family is most important to most of the people here, they have large family sizes

Digging deeper into culture:

Subcultures: Punk-rock, people dress in darker clothing, listen to loud music. Low Riders, they show off there cars, street race, break the law.

Culture Landscape: Christ the redeemer is a huge famous statue on the highest point in brazil.

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion: Theres traces of arawak origins.

Evidence of Cultural Changes: Stricter laws towards homocides on females.

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