The perfectionist

Michelangelo's Childhood

Michelangelo was born on March 6th 1475 in a small village called Caprese near Florence. His mother died when he was six and his father was stern and demanding. Researchers think that is why he had a horrible temper. Michelangelo was a prodigy from birth but hated school. He started showing interest in art by age 10.


-Statue of David, the Statue of David is 17 feet high, and people of Florence take it as a symbol of Florence.

-Sistine Chapel ceiling, the Sistine Chapel ceiling took him 4 full years of work and is several scenes from the bible.

Michelangelo was also a great leader of the Italian Renaissance, a trendsetter, and had a unique style.


-Set standards on painting, poetry, and architecture.

-painted equally proportioned, with good perspective

-was a founder of the High Renaissance

-influenced art culture of Florence and Rome in the 15th and 16th century.

Interesting facts

-Michelangelo was a legend. people have nicknamed him 'The Divine Michelangelo' and 'Michelangelo the Perfectionist"

-Michelangelo was known as a sculptor, not a painter, because he created multidimensional sculptures unlike other Renaissance sculptors who created one dimensional sculptures.


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