To the ~*Creatures*~ website!


1: please no power playing over others whisper who will win in the role-play fight

2: We highly suggest 13+ but any age will do, if you wish to continue in the role-play

3: Please no realistic animals, make an imaginary creature.

4: Please no swearing, unless everyone in group is 13+ or can handle it.

5: No copying, characters, Bio's, and role players name.

6: No sexual intercoursing in the role play, or don't post role played description of it.

Any "rule breakers" will get a warning but on accident I'll be friendly "MrWolfen" if you pass 3 warning you are kicked out of the group or make up for what you done.


1: Please download legendary items pack

2: Please download mass markings

3: and download the map

Mass markings

Feral Heart Augest 22 Mass Markings Pack download.