George Washington Carver

"The Plant Doctor"

Amazing Man

George Washington Carver was a humble man destined to make the world a better place, and he did just that! He inspired many as well as fed many. People should and are grateful for a wonderful man like Carver.

Early life

George Washington Carver, also known as “The Plant Doctor” has done a lot to make our world today. George Carver was born a slave around 1864 in a large farm near Diamond Grove Missouri. He was born with whooping cough making him a small weak child. He had one older brother named Jim and a mother named Mary, his father sadly died in a tragic accident. He had two owners who raised him that are named Susan and Moses Carver (That is how he got his last name). When George was young he and Mary got kidnaped by slave raiders and George got traded back with a racehorse, but his mother was never found. When George was about one he was no longer a slave so Moses and Susan had to raise him. When George was about eleven or twelve he went to Neosho to an African American school. George Washington Carver went to Simpson College for one year but then transferred to Iowa State Agriculture. Sometime when George W. Carver was finished with college he started to work at Tuskegee institute where he worked his magic.

Famous time

George W. Carver was an American scientist as well as a teacher at Tuskegee Institute and worked there for forty-seven years. Does George still not ring a bell, he is the peanut man, yes the creator of over three hundred


ways to use peanuts! He also made over one hundred ways to use sweet potatoes and also seventy-five ways to use pecans! George Carver didn’t just get famous by having the thought of I really like peanuts might as well make a ton of ways to use them! NO! He started as a guy who helped struggling farmers with their crops. One way to help them with their crops was to plant peanuts, so people did. A lot of people did. People planted too many peanuts! So, George dedicated all his time to make more uses of PEANUTS! He helped a lot of people who were struggling with their farms.

Humble Man's Character

George W. Carver had a big green thumb, he was always interested in plants even at a young age. When George was at Tuskegee, he thought it was ridiculous of people to throw away perfectly good things. So he took the things people threw away and created a lab where he invented his products. If that doesn’t scream he has a green thumb I don’t know what does. George was mentally strong for he fought

whooping cough

as a small child. George also had to get through not being able to go to school because he was black. That would have been super tough for him, but George was determined to go to school, and to make people and plants healthy.George was a good man and didn’t want money for he did his miracles for free.

Everything has its end

George Washington Carver went through a lot as a kid and an adult, but he pushed forward. He didn't want money he just wanted a good conscience. This is a man you could look up to and possibly live up to. Thank you, George Washington Carver.