NPAECT Mini-Keys Conference

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

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The event will be centered around aspects of the Keystones Summit. The focus of this day is to provide resources, ideas, and tools to teachers centered around the 4 pillars of Connect, Develop, Lead, and Advocate. The hope is to encourage effective technology use in our schools and spread the Keystone spirit!
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Break Out Sessions:

Networking 2 Succeed

by: Jennifer Brinson & Nicole Hill

Twitter, Google, Facebook and Plurk oh my! How do you connect with other educators and extend your learning beyond the walls of your school?

Effective Tech Ideas? Come & Get 'Em!

by: Traci Blazosky

I will share innovative, cross-curricular tech tools & lessons that I use in my own classroom. iPad apps, Passport Books, QR Code & Aurasma Scavenger Hunts & more! We will also explore ways to integrate S.O.S. strategies like: What Did They Say?!?, Tweet!Tweet!, and Six Word Story. This session will give you an assortment of new ideas coupled with new uses for tech favorites. You'll definitely gain something from this presentation!

Let’s Augment Reality

by: Dr. Sam Fecich and Grove City College Pre-Service Teachers: Bethany Stobie, Mackenzie Griffith, Sarah Miller, Katy Gibson, Julianna Joseph, and Stephanie Walker--

Augmented reality is a unique technology that is being used to combine the real world and virtual world together. By using augmented reality you can engage students in learning like never before. During this session you will learn about several different apps to create augmented reality activities to use in your classroom tomorrow. Some apps include: Quiver, QR codes, Chromville Science, and more! Please bring a mobile device to engage with the content.

Speed Dating with Ed Tech

by: Jennifer Brinson & Nicole Hill--Speed dating consists of participants sharing a tool that is invaluable in their classrooms. Just as speed dating allows people to learn a little about their partner, this edtech version allows people to gain a slice of knowledge about a Web2.0 or mobile application. In 60-90 seconds partners will sell a Web2.0 tool/ app & switch partners.

Alternatives to Powerpoint

by: Kelsi Wilcox Boyles

Join us as we explore interactive ways to engage students. We’ll look at Nearpod, Adobe Slate, and Haiku Deck

What’s up in formative assessment?

by: Shaun McLoughlin

This workshop will explore current web-based applications that let you, the teacher, take the temperature of the room while you deliver instruction and gain valuable data that both supports and validates your instruction. We will look at a variety of methods including GoFormative, Nearpod, Plickers, and Socrative.

The Open Source Educator

by: Josh Bundy

This session provides tips for useful websites and technology programs that are completely free. This saves money on your budget, and also gives your students valuable tools that they can use anywhere they have internet access. Tools include free online code tutorials, 3D modeling programs, and photo editing websites.

The Role of Keystones and Preservice

by: John Danchisko

KTIs are expected to lead and connect educators as advocates for developing technologically integrated pedagogy within and beyond the classroom. This role is enhanced when collaborating with preservice teachers. Questions arise: What role does technology play in the professional evolution of preservice teachers and to what degree does this help or hinder teacher development? In the era of 24/7 plugged in access, should student teachers be expected to be available outside of the school day? To what role does the host teacher stay connected through digital means? The role of this session is to engage in a conversation that addresses the role of the host teacher as a Keystone and the experience of preservice teachers, especially when considering technology integration.

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Learning with Bots

by: Jennifer Brinson & Nicole Hill

Students learn best when they engage in hands on problem solving and interactive lessons. Come to this session to engage in hands on learning with Sphero, Ollie and Ozobot.