Trash To Treasure Project



This is our groups Trash to treasure project.

We are making fahion of the 1960's

This Is Our Project

These are costumes that are exspensive.But were making them cheap.We are bringing materials from home like chip bags trash bags and all the other recycle materials.

Trash, Fashion, and Team work

Making Fashion out of Trash

Facts About The 1960's Fashion

1.until the 1960s Paris was considered to be the center of fashion throughout the world

2.The 1960's was a very nice period

3. the women of the 1960s adopted a girlish, childlike style, with short skirts and straightened curves, reminiscent to the look of the 1920s.

4.. The principal change in menswear in the '60s was in the weight of the fabric used.

5. The spread of jeans served to accelerate a radical change in the male wardrobe.

6.Fashion in the 1960s was an extreme style and attitude from the start of the decade to the end.

7.There was also a trend of earth tone colors, especially as the decade moved toward the hippie movement. Moss green, earthy browns, mustard yellow, burnt orange were common colors year round.

8.1960s skirts came in at the knee lengths with classic box pleats, straight pencil, a-line and full circle (or half circle) shapes. Solid colors as well as big patterns were in style.

9.The notorious mini skirt was made in any of these classic styles but now came up to mid thigh! Plaids, pleats, corduroy and heavy knits were perfect for minis.

10.Denim jeans followed the fit and style of slim pants. High waist, taped leg, ankle crop, and in many more colors than just blue.