Team "No Limits" Newsletter

Spring 2013 - Vol 1

Hey Team

Hope all is well! I thought I'd try something new in the form of this newsletter! While you don't have to use this yourself, I'm finding that SMORE newsletters have become a favorite to stylists as another means to market their Stella & Dot business, serve as alternate way to connect with guests at trunk show and reach out to customers in general to update them on specials, new releases, etc.

Since this is the first newsletter, it's kind of long, so bear with me. I just wanted to share some updates. Everything that I'm listing is in your Stylist Lounge, so for full details and in general, be sure that you check it on a regular basis so you're business is equipped and that you're providing "up-to-the-minute" info for your customers! I hope this is helpful to everyone!

**This is a private newsletter for the team, so if you if you have any questions, need some feedback, etc., by all means, call, text or send me a quick email**

The News Bags are Selling Like Crazy!

*New You Can Use*

*Buzz Flash! Stylist Sample Discount & Summer Inventory Update* (Full Details in SL)

Two IMPORTANT updates to share with you:

1) Stylist Sample Discount Program – Make the most of your fall sampling period by activating your 50% discount. Here's how the Stylist Sample Discount Policy works:

  • Year-round - Enjoy your Stylist Discount of 25% off personal orders.

  • Line Launch – Four times a year, you can activate a 50% discount for the new line launch simply by selling $250 retail during the quarter prior to the sampling period – that means you’ll earn your 50% line launch discount with just 1 -2 orders a month (less than a single trunk show over the three month period).

  • Activate by June 30 for the Fall line launch sampling period –There’s still plenty of time to activate your 50% discount for Fall Launch. Even without a trunk show, you could activate by taking a few orders through your website or with current customers.

Stylist Sample Discount Policy:

As part of your Stylist Agreement, you are entitled to enjoy a 25% discount on all Stella & Dot product and accessories. Each year, we offer four Line Launch Sampling Periods to allow our Stylists to purchase samples for use at their Trunk Shows. Once you have sold $250 in retail sales over a calendar quarter, you will earn the ability to purchase samples at a 50% discount during the next Line Launch Sampling Period.

Understanding this policy:
The calendar below outlines the earning periods as well as the upcoming launch months. Soon, you will be able to view your quarterly sales and see whether you have earned the 50% discount in your “My Monthly Rewards” report in the Stylist Lounge. Our quarters and line launch schedules are listed below:


Sell $250 in these Months >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Unlock your 50% for:

January, February, March >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Summer Launch in April

April, May, June >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fall Launch in July

July, August, September >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Holiday Launch in October

October, November, December >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Spring Launch in January

Example: For April’s summer line launch, a Stylist will have needed to submit at least $250 in cumulative retail sales (162 PCV), net of returns, in the months of January through March in order to receive the 50% discount during April’s sampling period. If she does not achieve this amount, she can still order her samples using her normal, 25% discount. For the Fall Line Launch in July, she will need to do the same during the months of April through June to be eligible for the 50% discount during July’s line launch.

Retail sales include sales to a customer (Trunk Show, order via Personal Website, or non-Trunk Show customer order) and Personal Product Orders (using your 25% Stylist discount). Sample Orders, Business Supply Orders, purchases with Product Credits and Style Rewards (also known as Hostess Rewards) are not considered retail sales.

**At first, I didn't understand the reasoning behind this, but then it began to make since. When we have a new product launch, despite meticulous planning on the part of home office, there is a chance that inventory may run out due to demand. The purpose of having the ability to sample at a discount is so that you will in turn share the brand by way of trunk shows and other events! It's one of the many bonuses we get as stylists. If this is not the case for your business, then the company believes that there is no reason for the larger discount, therefore your discount coincides with your level of activity and sales, which is fair.

Why is Qualifying Important??

For starters, being qualified is $500 sales or 325(PCV). What I love about this is that is unlocks free business supplies! Why pay for look books and other items, when you don't have to? I love ordering look books and only paying tax and shipping! Also, when you qualify and sell $500 each month per quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-June, July-Sept., Oct-Dec), you are now eligible for the Consistency Club bonus, earning you $100 in free product credit towards the upcoming line launch! You can look in the Stylist Lounge and check under the reports tab to know if you qualify, and from this weeks Buzz, corporate will soon be sending out emails so you will know where you stand. **If you miss it within any particular quarter, you are not eligible until the next quarter starts.

The Retired List has arrived!

Your Retired List will be updated twice a year, when we retire 15% of our core lines. The Retired List will include all products featured in the most recent Look Book from past seasons. For weekly product updates, check out the Product Alert List regularly!

We retire 15% of our core line twice a year (November and May) to make room for the new season. Due to unexpected demand, sometimes items sell out prior to the List being published, so it's best to visit the Product Alert List often to stay in-the-know! make sure to check the list prior to your TS's! :-)

Memorial Day Weekend Sale! ( I hear it's posting this Friday, so stay tuned for features in the SL!)

I AM SO EXCITED BY THE POSSIBILITIES OF THE UPCOMING MEMORIAL DAY SALE!!! -- Just IMAGINE how your business can explode by just warming up your customers for the upcoming Memorial Day SALE this weekend!
1. Go over your wish lists, and the discontinued list, and send personal emails to those who have items on their lists that are 25-50% off!
2. Along with their sales, offer them a trunk show to get more of their favs for free, or to bank them credits for the new line launch!
3. AND open up an Online trunk show or two, especially if you are in your jumpstart. Create a buzz with personal invites via redstamp and text and qualify your shows to earn yourself one or two more jumpstarts over the weekend alone. Questions? put it out there so we can all benefit, learn, and grow our businesses together!
4. Host your own Memorial Day Weekend TS! Remember, as a stylist, you have the opportunity to claim hostess rewards 2x/year!

HOOPLA 2013 - Las Vegas ~ Are you Registered?

Get set for the must-attend event of the year! Gather with your community
of Stella & Dot entrepreneurs to get inspired, get styled, celebrate each other,
grow your business & have fun!

  • Hear the vision and be inspired by your CEO, Jessica Herrin
  • Watch the new collection come down the catwalk at our Fall 2013 Fashion Show
  • Go behind the design and hear all about the inspiration straight from your award
    winning designer, Chief Creative Officer, Blythe Harris
  • Get wowed with Style Sessions. Learn how to display it, and how to pair it with
    the latest trends from fashion experts
  • Get styled in FREE product. Every attending Stylist will leave with $200+ in
    product, plus giveaways galore
  • Celebrate and be recognized throughout the event!
  • Training to transform your business! Leave feeling energized with a clear plan
    on how to make the most of your business and improve your dollars per hour

New Stylist Training Call

This is a great call I borrowed from Star Stylist Melanie in GA! It's excellent if you're brand new or have been with the company for awhile! Be sure to listen to this when your schedule permits. Click here

Erica Dixon, Lead Stylist - Stella & Dot Jewelry

Luxurious, affordable boutique-style jewelry and accessories, coupled with a home-based entrepreneurial platform for women! We're hiring!