Athens News

July 22, 508 B.C.

Our Great writers and philosophers

Our city has had many Great writers and philosophers. Some of our writers are Sophocles, Aeschylus and Aristophanes. Aristophanes was the first writer of parody. He wrote about everyday life in Athens. He brought enjoyment to many peoples lives. He was born in a time of war and many people wanted entertainment they could laugh about. This is why his parodies were so popular. Another writer is Aeschylus. He added a second actor in the plays because it created greater diversity. This allowed for greater character development in the stories. This way there was more roles in the plays. These plays had more reactions and emotions than the previous plays since they had more actors.

Finally there is Sophocles he created 80 plays. Most of his plays were based around tragedy and drama. In most cases his main character died in the story. His plays helped the younger generation learn about their history because his plays were based on the world around them.

We also had many philosophers that were important to our society. For our philosophers we have Pythagoras, he created the Pythagorean theory for math. He involved shapes in many of his works and this theory showed how these shapes could be rearranged and calculated in math problems.

The next famous philosopher was Aristotle. He was the creator of mathematics, biology, and chemistry. He was world known philosopher because he helped the world of science. He helped science by creating more efficient tools. He was responsible for designing a better sailboat and sail so that travel across the sea was faster and safer.

Our Achievements

Athenians use the visual arts, such as architecture and sculpture to glorify and honor our gods. We Athenians are also known as the first play writers throughout Greece and the world. We have created the Olympics where everyone can have a good time and see great athletes compete in many sports. Some of our most popular and exciting sports include running and fighting the lions. We have made great temple for the gods. Some of the major temples were built for Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They were made with 40 foot high columns and had a great statue of one of the Gods in the middle of the temple. We also have the largest navy in the world of both merchant and warships. This is important since the sea is our way of life. It is a major source of food and we have been able to travel to other lands. With our navy we were able to conquer lands who threatened us.

We are a hardworking people and we have created many types of pottery to sell. Our farms grow wheat, olives, grapes for wine. We are the largest city-state in all of Greece. We are the wealthiest city there is. Finally we have defeated the Persian Empire. Our achievements have paved the way so we will be forever be eternal in history.

our major battles

We have had many battles with the Persians. One of our battles called the Battle of Marathon included when Darius the Great men invade our land and destroyed our crops in 490 B.C. We had less men and less supplies than the Persians but we still won. We won because we set them into a trap by sending them through a great canyon. We had our archers placed at the top and we were able to force them to retreat. The Persians eventually came back but we forced them out again.

Our next major war was against Sparta. This was called the Peleponesian War. This battle occurred after the Battle of Marathon on 450 B.C. The Spartans had invaded and destroyed almost all of our farmlands. But luckily we had stored most of our food in food storages located near the seaports. In 440 B.C. we sadly caught a disease that killed one half of our people. We used our wealth to ask our allies for help since we were weak. We were helped by the Thebes and Megara with our battles. Our empire was still going strong no matter how many failures we suffered. We were still one of the greatest financial city-states because of all of the years building up our wealth.

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The Polis

The Polis is a great tradition of our people to have our men make great decisions for our people. It is mainly composed of white citizens because of bloodlines. The bloodlines included in the government were based on if the father was a citizen. The bloodlines kept everything in order because it minimized the corrupt from getting power. If people were corrupt the government took action against them.

Before the Polis existed, our government was run by nobles and warrior kings who controlled fortresses and vast armies. The nobles were very corrupt and liked to enslave people. They executed many people who they felt challenged their power. Many of the common people rebelled against them by sending their own armies. The common people won the battle against the nobles. After that they created our democracy and named it the Polis.

The Polis has made up decisions for close to two centuries. Everyone enjoys the Polis because it allows our lives to be simpler and so we can enjoy what we do. It makes it simpler since the Polis is responsible for the decision making while we are all able to focus on our jobs.

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Why Athens is the Best

We are greater than any other city-state. We are wealthy which has lead to a better navy, better art, and a better government. The Spartans have a economy and limited wealth since they do not trade as much as we do. Since we trade, we have more friends and allies to help us if we are in trouble. Sparta has very few allies because they are so isolated. We are able to provide food for our people which does not happen in Sparta.

We have won many wars, including the Persian war. The Spartans may have a better army, but we have a greater fleets which makes us more powerful in battle and in trading. We also have greater protection since we have walls that protect us from any enemies. Sparta does not have that defense for their people.

Also, we have many advantages that the Spartans do not. We have the advantage of using the waterways. Most importantly we have the protection from the Gods. We are named after the Goddess Athena, and so the gods favor us more than Sparta.

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