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READY, SET, SELL is almost HERE!!!

I love Ready, Set, Sell because this is our chance to earn NEW Summer Product for FREE! The window to earn these products is April 1-15th.

Plus, this year they have broken down the earning into 3 opportunities to earn!!! This is totally attainable for each of us if we book the first of our month. So if your calendar is empty, pick up the phone and book some parties... who doesn't love FREE, Right???

Check out www.thirtyonetoday.com for more details!

Conference Registration is Here!!!

National Conference is something that you don't want to miss! This year it will be taking place a two different locations and two different times depending on where you live. Check out the map on the link below to find out where you will go :)

Registration for National Conference is going on NOW. Most of us will be going to the Conference in Denver July 10-12th. When you register you will get to reserve a room. These are the hotels that we are trying to stay in so try to get a room in one of the following:

  1. Embassy Suites
  2. Hyatt Downtown
  3. Crown Hotel

To register for conference it is a $50 non refundable deposit. You then have until the end of April to earn Conference Bucks to help pay the rest. It is easily attainable to earn conference for FREE! Check out the link below for how to earn Conference Bucks!!!

Marissa Caster and Brandi Rendon have already signed up!!! I have a gift for the first 5 that sign up... who else is going with us??? :)

Fill the MAP!

Hi Girls ~ I just wanted to remind you about our FILL the Map Challenge! Our team is primarily in Texas which has 5,352 active consultants... I have identified seven states that are primed and ready for growth. Take a look at these states and brainstorm if you have any contacts in them. The first person to recruit in these states will get a gift from me :) (So I will have a gift for the first recruiter in each state) I can't wait to see who can fill the map!!!

  • Oregon - 594 active consultants
  • Idaho - 484 active consultants
  • Kansas - 434 active consultants
  • Montana - 331 active consultants
  • New Mexico - 316 active consultants
  • Nevada - 284 active consultants
  • Utah - 224 active consultants

Some tips on how to fill the map:

  • Brainstorm who you know across the map
  • Ask for referrals... let your friends and family know you are growing your business across the map and offer them a gift for referrals in these states
  • Consider using social media to help you connect

Let me know if you have questions! I am looking forward to seeing you GROW your teams. The more your teams grow, the more your paycheck grows :)

Welcome to our new 31 Sisters!!!

We are so excited to be welcoming you to our team! I am looking forward to getting to know you and helping you with what you want Thirty One to do for you and your family!

  • Jennifer Clark
  • Amy Green
  • Saida Rosales

New Consultant Corner :)

We are having a New Consultant Call Monday night at 9PM March 24th. The Call in number will be (661)673-8600 Passcode 905774#
If you have just started your Thirty One business, this is the call for you!

ALSO-Make sure that you check out all the great training on Thirtyonetoday.com underNew Consultant Training.

In addition to all of this, be sure you are registered for the upcoming Celebrate and Connect in your area! These meetings will be held from April 3-6 and will include a FREE bag and a chance to get training in person! Please let me know if you have any questions!! To sign up for this go to thirtyonetoday.com and look under events.


Today - March 24th ~ Late Registration is open for April Celebrate and Connect. Don't miss out, sign up today. Late registration cost $5, but it is money well spent! This $5 fee will come out of your next commission check.

Today - March 22nd FLASH SALE, be sure to check TOT for the latest on what has been sold out

March 19th - 9 pm EST Join Cindy for a 10 minute live webcast on how to create more bookings from your parties. Go to TOT to register, space is limited to reserve your spot TODAY!!!

March 20th - "Shop Talk" lunch at 11:30 at Jason's Deli off of Overton Ridge in FW. This is a fun chance for us to get to meet up and have lunch, ask questions and just get to know each other. If you can make it that would be great!!!

Registration for National Conference is going on NOW!!! Don't miss out!

March 19th- Senior Consultant Call- More details coming!

April 3-6 Celebrate and Connect Nation Wide... Mine will be on April 3rd at 6:30 pm

April 1-15th Ready, Set, Sell Incentive

April 1-15th You can order the Summer Add On Kit for $31

April 30th - Last day to earn Conference Bucks

May 15th - Last day to register for National Conference

Here is the updated script that I have been using at my party! It has been booking 2-4 parties off of each one!

  • · Thank Hostess
  • · 1 Minute Introduction
  • · Put your name on your catalog. It is yours to keep. Think of me during gift giving seasons, my information is on the back.
  • · Give out a ticket to each person. 2 tickets to anyone who brought a guest

  • · Who has heard of 31? I am going to show you some of the top selling products in our line tonight but first I want to explain why Cindy formed this company. She based it on the following:
  • Celebrate~Encourage~Reward Tonight we are going to do all three for our hostess. While I demonstrate why hosting is such a great way to experience 31, be thinking of a word of encouragement for our hostess. Get out your Cell phone. Send the word of encouragement to my number. First one to go thru wins another ticket! Now, take my number and save it in your phone so that the next time you need to get a gift, you have my info.
  • · There are 3 great deals with Thirty One. The first one is on the back cover of the catalog. It is our enrollment kit. You get all of the products shown plus everything you need to start your business worth over $300 for only $99. When was the last time you spent $99? What kind of return did you get on that $99. I can spend that amount at Target anyday! What could you do with an extra $500 a month? If minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, then you would have to work 20 hours to earn what I make at one average party. Watch what I do tonight and see if it looks like fun.
  • · The second best deal is our Hostess Benefits. Hostess Stack- Pick items that add up to $100 and 2 half price items and 1 hostess exclusive. Have a guest show these off as you explain each one.
  • For Example:

Large Utility Tote, lid for LUT, thermal tote, the everyday wristlet, and the deluxe beauty bag for the Hostess exclusive. For half, add the zip top organizing tote and the fold n file.

Then- Ask them to guess how much she would spend as the hostess to receive them, then ask how much she would pay if she were not a hostess. The hostess would spend: $50 as a guest, the total would be :$175 ( give a ticket for the guest who guesses the closest to the number)

Then add enough bags to show a $1,200 party. So $250 in free…and 3 hostess exclusives for free. Ask the 2 questions again. Give tickets to the guests who guess the closest.

  • · Imagine how 10-12 guests at your own party could help you get all of these things for FREE!! AND how organized you would be also!
  • · “I have definitely imagined a lot and dreamed big with Thirty One and it has given me so much!” My WHY
  • · Because I love 31, I want to give you 3 minutes to ask as many questions as you can about hosting parties or my business. 3 Minute Game
  • · The third thing I can offer you is the chance to be a customer. If you flip through the last 10-12 pages of the catalog, you will see the shopping guide. It shows all products in all prints available and the pages before that show great usage and pairing ideas for our products. I have a lot of items with me if there is something specific you want to see, let me know!
  • · Play one more game ~ For Example: The Purse Game/Island Game/ Left Right Game/Amazing Actress Game
  • · Talk about how to pay for orders and for them to fill out the top part of the order form for you.
  • · Make sure to share the Special for the month.

Sarah Pope

Independent Senior Director

Thirty-One Gifts