Kindergarten Connection

October 19, 2022

The Magic Tree House

We have transitioned away from the "Play Plan" and we are ready for something MORE! We will now be writing in response to literature. We will be using The Magic Tree House series as well as other books from our literacy series throughout the year to build and develop our comprehension and writing skills. In each of the The Magic Tree House books, the main characters Jack and Annie, travel to a different place and time. We will typically spend the first week of each new book building background knowledge about the time period and culture and will read many nonfiction titles to help us along the way. Week 2-3 of the book theme will be spent covering one chapter of the story each day. Children will read and write about Jack and Annie and learn science and social studies concepts related to the geographic location and time period the book takes place in. Children will also use the background knowledge and story events they learn about to dramatize the story in many centers throughout the classroom. We do ask that families refrain from reading ahead in the series and allow the children to experience and be thrilled together as we uncover clues, predictions and discoveries! Once a title has been finished, we would then encourage you to read it at home as a family.

Why Chapter Books?

Chapter books are used in Kindergarten to teach and practice complex reading comprehension skills like predicting, visualizing, inferring, sequencing, summarizing and many more! The engaging topics also encourage enriched play that continues and evolves over time. The Magic Tree House series has interesting storylines, complex plots and many ties to nonfiction topics which enrich our science and social studies curriculum.

Calling All Crafters and Designers

These children are quite the inventors and creators! Every afternoon, the art center is filled with children and we run short of materials!

We are in need of any of the following...

  • Paper towel tubes
  • Food boxes (these are easier to cut than cardboard)
  • Fun fabric scraps
  • Paper lunch sacks
  • Fun Foam sheets
  • Old greeting cards
  • Egg cartons, cupcake liners, paper plates
  • Tape, tape, tape!

If you would be willing to send us a few supplies each week we could stock the art center and delight and inspire these creative minds! We just don't have the room to store large quantities.

Alphabet Activities for Home

Do you need additional ideas for practicing letters with your child? Just click this button...Have FUN!

How was school?

Things to ask your child instead of "How was school"?

  • What made you smile today?
  • Who did you sit with at lunch?
  • What was the hardest rule to follow at school today?
  • Tell me something you know today that you didn't know yesterday?
  • What did you do today to be a good friend?
  • What did you do today that made you feel proud?
  • What are you looking forward to doing tomorrow at school?
  • What alphafriend are you learning about this week?
  • What new snap words are you working on?
  • What is your favorite math center to work at?
  • What is your favorite literacy center to work at?
  • What are you working on in Gym, Art, Music?
  • What was a major event that happened in the Magic Treehouse chapter?
Big picture

Winter Weather Clothing


Here it comes...SNOW! It takes the children hours to get in and out of those snow boots and into regular school shoes that must be tied and/or buckled. In years past we have suggested that children bring a pair of Crocs or slip on shoes in their backpacks. These shoes are much easier for the children to slip onto their feet and they would be much more comfortable while sitting on the floor throughout the day. The carpet would also remain dry and slush free! The best benefit for the teachers is less time spent on helping students change and tie those shoes! We have also found that sending children with all their snow gear tucked separately into a sturdy, recycled shopping bag (fabric/plastic coated with nice handles) to be quite helpful . It makes it so much easier for the children to pack up and manage their backpack and snow gear at the end of the day!

Help build your child's independence with buttoning, zipping, tucking etc...when it comes to snow gear! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! We would be so grateful for the time spent and support from home, working on these WINTER "Self Help Skills".

Halloween Festivities

Our Halloween Festivities will begin at 2:30 with the school costume parade. This will take place in the car-pool loop/paved parking lot. You can park in the dirt lot and walk up to view this very fun tradition at Elk Creek. Students will have time to change into their costumes starting at 2, students should not wear their costumes to school and we encourage costumes that can be changed into independently or almost independently. Immediately after the parade, we will head back to our classrooms to begin our parties. Thank you so much to all of the families that are contributing and making this party possible! Please send all items on Monday morning with your student and/or bring them prior to the parade time so that we can get set up. If you are running a station or want to help set up or change into costumes, please arrive no earlier than 2 o'clock.