Mrs. Stasney's 3rd Grade News

Week of October 15th

Help us get a document camera!

This school year, I want to make sure the students have the materials they need to succeed. So I've created a classroom project request on a 501(c)3 charity website called

I'm writing to ask for any donations possible for our students - no matter the size, it will help the kids. This week only, any donation you make to my project will be doubled! If you know anyone who is passionate about education, please pass this along. Your tax-deductible donation will have a direct impact on our students (and many more in the future), and you'll hear back from our class about your impact on our learning!

To learn more or donate:

1. Visit my Teacher Page,
2. Choose one of my projects, enter the amount of your donation, and click "Give"
3. During check-out, enter the word INSPIRE where it says "Match or gift code", and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar.

The INSPIRE match code will double your donation for the next 7 days.

Please feel free to send me any questions you may have, and know that my students and I greatly appreciate your support.

Upcoming events

-Lunch in the classroom this week!

  • The students earned lunch in the classroom this past Tuesday when I was at a math conference in Austin! We'll have it on the day with the least messy lunch menu! :)

-Thursday, 10/18: Reading CUA, Math quiz on rounding

-Red Ribbon week is next week (see below for more info)

Red Ribbon Week is next week

Monday, 10/22: I Am Voting for my FUTURE - Drug-Free!

  • wear red, white, and blue clothes

Tuesday, 10/23: These PAWS Don't Touch Drugs!

  • dress in camouflage or wear animal prints

Wednesday, 10/24: Say PEACE OUT to Drugs!

  • wear clothes with peace signs or tie-dye

Thursday, 10/25: Your CHOICES are the KEYS to your DREAMS!

  • wear clothes that represent their future dream job or can dress like a superhero (one who makes good choices)
  • bring a canned food item to start our holiday food drive!

Friday, 10/26: Rock On to a Drug-Free Beat - 50s Day!

  • wear clothing from the 50s
  • celebrating the 50th day of school as well as being drug-free
  • bring a canned food item to start our holiday food drive!