1st Graders and Technology

Mrs. Robinson's Little Allstars


Students were very engaged with both the technology part of the day and the traditional ways of learning. Mrs. Robinson has a way of teaching that makes the students want to learn. They were more excited when they got to do centers because it was more of their own educational time on the computers, they were pretty much in control. Mrs. Robinson still managed their computer time but the student had to be independent and responsible for themselves. They were to log on and go to www.starfall.com where they could choose what educational game they wanted to play. The students loved the use of technology as a whole and where very open to whatever Mrs. Robinson was teaching using the smart board. The only pitfall was when they had to work the computers themselves and it took a little more time than allowed to get the programs running.



Overall Mrs. Robinson loves the use of technology in the classroom. The smart board benefits by far with all of the demonstrations that she is able to do for her students. Her favorite tool of technology is the smart board because there are so many different effective teaching tools within this piece of technology. The only technology downfall is the laptops. With students at such a young age accidents with clicking the wrong buttons occur all of the time and can be very time consuming. I agree with Mrs. Robinson, the computers took a lot of time shutting down unexpectedly and students accidentally closing the program took a lot of time away from learning. But overall,incorporating technology in the classroom is very much needed!